Advances in biomedical optics and biophotonics are being translated into clinical medical and surgical applications to improve our health. Fundamental discoveries in optical science and engineering have enabled new ways to detect, diagnose, and treat diseases such as cancer and neurological disease.

This OSA Congress will focus on technological solutions to medical challenges and medical applications, complementing the OSA Congress on Optics in Life Sciences. It will cover a diversity of cutting-edge research and innovative new tools and techniques, and will bring together an international group of leading engineers, optical and medical scientists, and physicians, as well as junior researchers and graduate students, who are engaged in optical methods to advance discovery and application of medical science to clinical practice. With over 400 attendees gathering at a beach-front resort in south Florida, this must-attend meeting affords a unique and exceptional opportunity for intellectually stimulating one-on-one interactions with leaders and colleagues in our field in a casual, inviting environment. We welcome you to join us for this exciting event.

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5 March 2018
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5 March 2018
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15 March 2018 12:00
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Congress Chair

Elizabeth Hillman

Columbia University, USA

Past Congress Chair

Irene Georgakoudi

Irene Georgakoudi

Tufts University, USA


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