Image Credit: Elizabeth Hillman, Columbia University


Optical Trapping Applications encompasses all areas of particle manipulation and measurement, from optical manipulation to acoustic trapping, emphasizing new and developing application areas.

This meeting covers the whole range of topical particle manipulation technologies currently being developed for studies in biophysics, single molecule, single cell and tissue level analysis, lab-on-a-chip development, optomechanical cooling, environmental monitoring and theoretical underpinnings. Technologies to be considered include optical tweezers and associated techniques, but will try and capture synergies between different trapping and manipulation modalities such as acoustic trapping and electrical trapping with a view to encouraging discussion between different user groups and the development of new hybrid techniques.

Committee Members

  • Peter Pauzauskie, University of WashingtonChair
  • Giovanni Volpe, Goteborgs Universitet, Sweden , Chair
  • Frank Cichos, Univ Leipzig, Germany , Program Chair
  • Lene Oddershede, The Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark , Program Chair


Peter Pauzauskie

University of Washington,

Giovanni Volpe

Goteborgs Universitet, SWEDEN

Frank Cichos

Univ Leipzig, GERMANY
Program Chair

Lene Oddershede

The Niels Bohr Institute, DENMARK
Program Chair


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