1. Optical visualization/detection of biomolecular processes and pathways
    • optical tomographic imaging
    • advanced microscopy techniques (multiphoton, SHG, FRET, FLIM, SRS, pump-probe, CARS, etc.)
    • photoacoustics, diffuse reflection
    • quantitative phase imaging,
    • vibrational imaging
  2. Reporters and contrast agents
    • luminescence and bioluminescence imaging
    • endogenous and exogenous contrast
    • genetically encodable probes
    • molecular probes
    • nanoparticle probes
  3. Advanced optical molecular imaging instrumentation
    • assays
    • pre-clinical
    • clinical prototypes (in-vivo / intracavital)
    • surgical microscopes
    • progress in instrumentation
  4. Novel tools for and approaches to image data analysis and reconstruction
  5. Optical monitoring
    • specific delivery& localization
    • action of drugs
    • contrast agents
    • Dosimetry in photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  6. Quantitative validation methods
  7. Multi-modal molecular imaging techniques
    • photoacoustics
    • combinations of optics with MRI, X-ray, radio-diagnostics, ultrasound etc.
    • FLIM, FRET, OCT, Raman and CARS
  8. Clinical translation of optical molecular imaging, spectroscopy and image guided surgery and therapy