Image Credit: Elizabeth Hillman, Columbia University


Bio-optics: Design and Applications addresses all aspects of development and applications of biomedical optical technologies for research and clinical applications.

This topical meeting will focus on design, instrumentation, and applications of optical technologies for life sciences. Topics include but are not limited to optical imaging technologies, system design, fabrication, visual optics, eye imaging and sensing, image guided surgery, bio-inspired optics, biochip, optofluidics, nanobiosensor, nanophotonics for biomedicine, drug discovery imaging, and other novel optical technologies for diagnosis and treatment. This meeting provides an opportunity for researchers and engineers from academia and industry to discuss design, fabrication, instrumentation, and application of biomedical optical technologies for life science.


  • Biomedical optical imaging technologies
  • Design and fabrication of biomedical optical devices
  • Visual optics, eye imaging and sensing
  • Biochip and optofluidics
  • Clinical systems and applications
  • Nanophotonics for biomedicine
  • Novel imaging technologies

Committee Members

  • Tomasz Tkaczyk, Rice University, United States , Chair
  • Chris Xu, Cornell University, United States , Chair
  • Caroline Boudoux, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada , Program Chair
  • Kristen Maitland, Texas A&M University, United States , Program Chair
  • Jennifer Barton, University of Arizona, United States
  • Kate Bechtel, Triple Ring Technologies, United States
  • Frederic Leblond, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada
  • Laura Marcu, University of California Davis, United States
  • Mark Pierce, Rutgers University, United States
  • David Sampson, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Maciej Wojtkowski, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Poland

Committee Members