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Optical sensors have many applications in R&D, national defense and commercial markets such as medical diagnostics and process control. But because of the breadth of applications for optical sensors, the challenges to the design and functioning of an optical sensor for a particular application requires knowledge of optical, material, and environmental properties that affect sensor performance. SENSORS addresses all aspects of optical sensors from source and detection technologies, sensor configurations, and processing approaches to applications. These optical sensors range from micro-probes to large devices used for standoff monitoring of industrial and environmental species.

Topics include:

  • Optical Fiber Sensors
  • Laser Based Sensors
  • Optical Chemical and Biological Sensors
  • Biomedical Optical Sensors
  • Micro and Nano-Engineered Sensors
  • Planar Waveguide Sensors
  • Mid- and Long-wavelength IR Sensors
  • Quantum Effects in Optical Sensing
  • Nanophotonic and Plasmonic Biosensors
  • Frequency Comb-based Sensors
  • Non-Chemical Sensors for Defense
  • Aerospace Sensors
  • Sensing for Food Quality Control
  • Hyperspectral sensors

Committee Members


Kenneth Ewing, US Army Research Laboratory, USA, Chair

Mario F.S. Ferreira, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, Chair             

Paul Pellegrino, US Army Research Laboratory, USA, Chair   


Optical Fiber Sensors

Gilberto Brambilla, University of Southampton, UK, Subcommittee Chair             

Christophe Caucheteur, University of Mons, Belgium  

Jose-Miguel Lopez-Higuera, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain     

Janet Lou, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA  


Laser Based Sensors

Yoonchan Jeong, Seoul National University, South Korea, Subcommittee Chair  

Peter Dragic, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA              

Kwang Jo Lee, Kyung Hee University, South Korea          

Christian Grillet, CNRS, France   

Peter Horak, University of Southampton, UK     

Peter Vasil'ev, University of Cambridge, UK        


Optical Chemical and Biological Sensors

Ellen Holthoff, US Army Research Laboratory, USA, Subcommittee Chair              

Elena Benito Peña, Complutense University, Spain          

Brian Cullum, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA      

Bhavya Sharma, University of Tennessee, USA 


Micro and Nano – Engineered Sensors

Misha Sumetsky, Aston University, UK, Subcommittee Chair      

Andrei Fotiadi, Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium                

Chengbo Mou, Shanghai University, China          

Sergei Popov, Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan, Sweden     

Xuewen Shu, Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology, China

Limin Tong, Zhejiang University, China    


Nanophotonic and Plasmonic Biosensors

Frank Vollmer, University of Exeter, UK, Subcommittee Chair

Hatice Altug, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland    

Laura Na Liu, Max Planck Inst for Gravitational Physic, Germany

Wei-Chuan Shih, University of Houston, USA     


Applied Industrial Sensors

Mark F. Witinski, Pendar Technologies, USA, Subcommittee Chair

Romain Blanchard, Pendar Technologies, USA

Teoman Ustun, Analog Devices, USA




Kenneth Ewing

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Mario F.S. Ferreira

Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

Paul Pellegrino

US Army Research Laboratory, United States


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