Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress

19 July 2021 – 23 July 2021
Optica Virtual Event - Pacific Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 07:00)

Topic Categories

1. Atmospheric Sensing and Sounding

  1. Atmospheric measurements, modeling and compensation for atmospheric effects
  2. Air pollution and air quality monitoring
  3. Weather prediction

2. Aquatic Remote Sensing

  1. Water quality monitoring in inland and coastal waters
  2. Phytoplankton functional group and species discrimination
  3. Harmful algal bloom monitoring
  4. Determination of concentrations of physical and biological constituents in water
  5. Bottom type and bottom depth determination in shallow water environments

3. Terrestrial Remote Sensing

  1. Precision agriculture
  2. Species discrimination and mapping of vegetation in forests and wetlands
  3. Soil studies, including soil classification, soil moisture content and trafficability
  4. Hyperspectral imaging for urban planning and development

4. Radiative Transfer Modeling

  1. New hyperspectral approaches for radiative transfer modeling
  2. Vector radiative transfer modeling using hyperspectral and polarimetric data

5. Image Processing, Algorithm Development, and Machine Learning

  1. Innovative signal and digital image processing techniques including image segmentation, pattern recognition and neural networks
  2. Hyperspectral data analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques
  3. Dimension reduction and information content analysis
  4. Fusion with active or passive sensors and visualization algorithms
  5. Spectral inversion techniques such as deconvolution, derivatives, optimal estimation and spectral fingerprinting

6. Industrial Applications

  1. Hyperspectral applications in the mining, oil and gas industries
  2. Hyperspectral imaging for industrial quality analysis and process control
  3. Hyperspectral sensing for food adulteration monitoring

7. Incident Response & Monitoring Applications

  1. Environmental changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other natural disasters
  2. Thermal hyperspectral sensing of wildfires and volcanoes
  3. Deployment of hyperspectral technologies for rapid response to natural events

8. Sensor Development

  1. New spectrometer design, development and sensor characterization
  2. Planned and recently launched operational systems
  3. Observing system simulation experiments