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AIS is intended to explore ways that spectroscopy and spectral sensing can be used in industrial settings to provide actionable information.

Specific areas of interest include quality control, incoming materials inspection, uses in food processing and agribusiness, and uses during product manufacture, to name a few. The conference has a broad focus on applications in major markets, and includes a variety of spectroscopic techniques, from absorbance / reflectance / transmission to established methods such as Raman, LIBS, FTIR, and Terahertz spectroscopy. Newer, cutting-edge technologies in transition from development to industrial settings are also encouraged.  

Areas of interest include:
  *   Food and Agriculture
  *   Consumer goods manufacturing
  *   Biopharmaceuticals
  *   Biomedical
  *   Mining
  *   Chemicals and chemical processing
  *   Petrochemicals
  *   Electronics manufacturing
  *   Energy exploration

Committee Members

  • Katherine Bakeev, B&W Tek LLC, United StatesChair
  • Steve Buckley, Ocean Optics, Inc., United StatesChair


Katherine Bakeev

B&W Tek LLC, United States

Steve Buckley

Ocean Optics, Inc., United States


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