Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress

19 July 2021 – 23 July 2021
Optica Virtual Event - Pacific Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 07:00)

Quantitative determination of hazardous substances in aerosols by light scattering and machine learning with the example of Cr(VI) in electroplating processes (JTu5A.25)

Presenter: Andreas Peckhaus, German Aerospace Center

Regulations of safety usage of hazardous substances impose companies to monitor their emissions. A novel approach determines the mass concentration of Cr(VI) in exhaust airflow based on angular light scattering combined with machine learning algorithms.

Authors:Andreas Peckhaus, German Aerospace Center / Arne Walter, German Aerospace Center / Marian Kraus, German Aerospace Center / Florian Gebert, German Aerospace Center / Frank Duschek, German Aerospace Center

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