Short Course

The Optical Design and Fabrication Congress will offer a Short Course.  There is an addtional cost for attending the course and includes a copy of the notes.  

Meaningful Scratch and Dig Specifications

Dave Aikens, Savvy Optics Corp, USA
Sunday, 9 July; 14:00-18:00

Surface imperfection specifications (i.e. Scratch-Dig) are among the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, and ambiguous of all optics component specifications. This course provides attendees with an understanding of the source of ambiguity in surface imperfection specifications, and provides the context needed to properly specify surface imperfections using a variety of specification standards, and to evaluate a given optic to a particular level of surface imperfection specification. The course will focus on the differences and application of the MIL-PRF-13830, ISO 10110-7, and ANSI/OEOSC OP1.002. Many practical and useful specification examples are included throughout, as well as demonstration of visual comparison evaluation techniques and artifacts.

Learning outcomes
This course will enable you to:
  • describe the various surface imperfection specifications that exist today
  • compose a meaningful surface imperfection specification for cosmetic imperfections using ISO, ANSI, or Mil standards
  • identify the different illumination methods and comparison standards for evaluation
  • demonstrate a surface imperfection visual inspection
  • understand the options available for controlling surface imperfections in a vendor/supplier relationship

Dave Aikens is known throughout the industry as the foremost expert on scratch and dig specifications and their interpretation. He has been involved in surface quality specifications for more than 30 years. Dave is President and founder of Savvy Optics Corp., is the head of the American delegation to ISO TC 172 SC1, and is the Secretary of the American Standards Committee for Optics, OEOSC.