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27 June 2021 – 01 July 2021 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 04:00)
22 June 2021

This OSA Meeting will be presented as scheduled in a virtual, web-conference format. The program schedule will be revised to accommodate and encourage live participation from a worldwide audience.

Participants will have the option of viewing sessions live or streaming recorded sessions on demand. Presenters can present live during a session or submit a pre-recorded video. [Learn more.]

Flat Optics: Components to Systems


Shrinking optical components and systems without compromising performance has been a challenge.

An emerging approach is to control incident light’s amplitude, phase, polarization etc. by nanostructures rather than bulky glasses. This spurs the nascent field of flat optics and metasurfaces: a multidisciplinary field that links nanophotonics and optical design. The scope of this topical meeting is to provide a platform for increasing interaction between researchers with nano- or macro-optics expertise for high-end multifunctional optical components.

This topical meeting will begin from the fundamentals, design and simulation to manufacturing, then shift to device and system levels followed by discussions of practical applications.  Advanced topics on the simulation and design of flat optical devices using inverse design and machine learning will be discussed in a coordinated effort with the Freeform Optics conference. Other topics that will be discussed are advanced large-scale manufacturing active and tunable devices as well as flat optical devices for long wavelength regions. Emerging applications of flat optical and metasurface components in systems (displays, Lidar, depth sensors, augmented and virtual reality, communications etc.) will also be discussed.

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Committee Members

  • Federico Capasso, Harvard University, United StatesChair
  • Wei-Ting Chen, AMS Sensors USA Inc, United StatesChair
  • Paulo Dainese, Corning Research & Development Corp, United StatesChair
  • Jonathan Fan, Stanford University, United StatesChair
  • Byoungho Lee, Seoul National University, Republic Of Korea
  • Xiangang Luo, CAS Institute of Optics and Electronics, China
  • Joseph Mait, Mait-Optik LLC, United States
  • James Pond, Ansys Lumerical Solutions, Inc, Canada
  • Clara Rivero-Baleine, Lockheed Martin Corporation, United States
  • Yakov Soskind, Apple Inc., United States
  • Din Ping Tsai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


Federico Capasso

Harvard University, United States

Wei-Ting Chen

AMS Sensors USA Inc, United States

Paulo Dainese

Corning Research & Development Corp, United States

Jonathan Fan

Stanford University, United States