International Optical Design Conference

09 - 13 July 2017
Denver Marriott City Center, Denver, Colorado United States

Illumination and Lens Design Problems Contest

Join the IODC community for a guaranteed highlight of the conference: The Illumination and Lens Design Contest.

2016 was the 100th anniversary of The Optical Society – its Centennial year. To celebrate this, the 2017 IODC Lens Design Problem and Illumination Design Problem (announced in 2016) has a centennial theme.

The deadline to submit is 1 May.  Presentations will be given on Wednesday, 12 July during the Congress. 

The 2017 IODC Shafer Cup Competition - The Centennial Lens                                  
The problem is to design a lens which includes a "100 lens" somewhere within the overall lens to commemorate OSA's 100th anniversary.  View the complete Problem Description and Submission Directions. View the FAQs for addtional information. 

The 2017 IODC Illumination Problem - The Centennial Illuminator 
The problem is to create an emissive ‘100’ logo for the anniversary. View the complete Problem Description and Submission Directions.