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TelAztec LLC

TelAztec LLC

About Us

TelAztec is a recognized innovator and leader in the design and high volume manufacture of nanometer scale surface relief textures that manipulate light for reducing external reflections, producing diffuse or specular color reflectors, and high efficiency polarizing filtering. Ideal for high power laser system optics-- and with >35,000 in commercial use today--TelAztec Anti-Reflection (AR) nano-textured optics eliminate the need for traditional dielectric thin-film coatings with sub-wavelength scale surface textures etched directly into the bulk optic. The contamination resistant, ultra broad-band AR nano-texture provides extreme low reflection loss with no added absorption, no surface heating, and no thermal lensing resulting in 4-10X increased Pulsed and CW laser damage threshold levels for long term beam stability for your laser optics including lenses, windows and fiber facets.  TelAztec Random AR (“RAR”) and “Motheye” type AR nano-textures are available in a growing list of optical materials.  Contact TelAztec to discuss your AR requirements and to learn more about the developing line of nano-structure based resonant filters and high reflectors (“NSR”) and nano-structure polarizers (“NSP”) laser optics.

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VP of Business Development
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