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Inrad Optics

Inrad Optics
OSA Industry Development Associates Member

About Us

Inrad Optics improves the world’s safety, security and scientific understanding by transforming challenging requirements into optical realities. The company grows exceptional quality crystalline materials, manufactures high precision glass and metal optical components, and builds electro-optical devices used in lasers and other light-based systems.
Products include unique scintillator crystals for nuclear threat detection, nonlinear crystal devices for ophthalmic laser surgery, and precision optics that help keep US military pilots safe.
Customers in the defense, aerospace, medical, semiconductor, and metrology markets rely on Inrad Optic’s unparalleled optical materials expertise to solve design concerns and deliver flawless quality.
All R&D, engineering, and manufacturing operations are undertaken in our New Jersey facility by a talented and diverse workforce. Inrad Optics is ISO 9001:2015 certified and US State department DDTC registered.

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Mailing Address
181 Legrand Ave
Northvale, NJ 07647, USA

Donna Goldman
Sales and Marketing Manager
Jonathan Norton
Sales Engineer