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Boston Electronics

Boston Electronics
OSA Industry Development Associates Member

About Us

Boston Electronics specializes in UV, visible and IR detectors and sources, and signal processing electronics for photodetection.  Light sources associated with photodetection including tunable IR Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) and picosecond lasers for Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC).  We are specialist in:

Photon sources:

  • IR Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL)
  • UV-Visible-NIR picosecond pulsed lasers
  • IR thermal sources
  • IR LEDs
  • UV LEDs


  • Fast, sensitive MCT IR photodiodes and photoconductors
  • UV photodiodes
  • Visible-NIR single photon counting APDs and PMTs
  • IR thermopiles and pyroelectrics

Signal processing electronics including:

  • Preamplifiers for UV and IR detectors
  • Event counters with picosecond time resolution for photon counting
  • Transient recorders with mixed photon counting and analog capability

Instrumentation :

  • Microscope thermal control
  • Calibrated blackbodies
  • Chopper/Lock-In amplifiers (digital)


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Mailing Address
91 Boylston St.
Brookline, MA 02445, USA

Fred Perry
CTO – Boston Electronics
Alex Kenich
Sales Engineer - Alpes