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A 564 W QCW Thulium Fiber Oscillator Pumped at 793 nm (JTu5A.4)

Presenter: Julia Limongelli, BAE Systems

A 1940 nm thulium fiber oscillator producing >550 peak watts at 10% duty cycle is presented. The laser, pumped by seven high-brightness fiber-coupled 793 nm diodes, is single transverse mode at 45% optical conversion efficiency.

Authors:Julia Limongelli, BAE Systems / Ezra Allee, BAE Systems / Matthew Bieniek, BAE Systems / Scott Setzler, BAE Systems / Kevin Bruce, nLIGHT, Inc. / Geoff Fanning, nLIGHT, Inc. / Dennis McCal, nLIGHT, Inc. / Matthew Randall, nLIGHT, Inc.

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