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The 2018 OSA Laser Congress Closes to Strong Support from Industry Leaders

The OSA Laser Congress drew together nearly 500 of the world’s leading authorities for two collocated conferences: Advanced Solid State Lasers (ASSL) and the Laser Applications Conference (LAC). Sessions focused on the latest advancements in the field and sparked discussion around the evolution of laser science.

“Attendees of ASSL learned about continuing and rapid progress on all frontiers, spanning the basic materials capabilities to the performance of large combined systems,” noted ASSL General Co-chair Greg Goodno, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, USA. “From my perspective as a developer of combined laser systems for defense, it was exciting to see how solutions being presented during the ASSL scientific program could be relevant not only to my work, but also to the development of laser drivers for space applications as presented in the Light the Future program.”

While the content was second-to-none, participating in the OSA Laser Congress goes far beyond the information gained.

"A conference needs a strong program as well as interesting and attractive talks and a state-of-the art level. LAC nailed this due to the great work of the committee. The key of LAC is the wide spectrum of applications of advanced lasers in various niches and megatrend applications as well, but I am pleased with all the people here," said Johannes Trbola, Dausinger & Giesen GmbH, Germany, a general co-chair of the Laser Applications Conference. "It's about bringing the people together. Good networking and good dialogue happen because of the work of the committees themselves and the OSA team." 

For Exhibitors, Laser Congress Draws Current Clients and Future Prospects

The OSA Laser Congress exhibition offered attendees the opportunity to establish business relationships and make strategic purchase decisions. With 48 exhibitors and sponsors at the event, attendees in search of a solution had a number of sources to help them identify the best option for their particular needs.

For exhibitors and sponsors, the benefits extend beyond the transactional to the relational. From a positioning standpoint, if a company is in the laser market, it needs to know the OSA Laser Congress attendee base. From established players to new entrants, the congress provides an avenue to meet and interact with leaders in the laser field.

All exhibitors have a single goal in attending OSA Laser Congress: Meet with current and potential customers. While engaging with prospective clients is always a focus, exhibitors and sponsors recognize that the congress enables them to deepen relationships with current customers as well.

Lucian Hand, president of Light Conversion, an exhibiting company, points to client cultivation as a key reason to come. “I sat and had lunch with a customer that has an order in process, and we had some good conversations about what he needs presently and what we need to be working on. So sure, I could buy 10 different plane tickets to visit existing customers, or I could come here and meet with those people.”