Congress Reception

Monday, 2 July; 18:30 - 20:00
Enjoy food and drinks with your friends and colleagues during the Congress Reception.

Special Symposium on Optical Fiber Sensing Technologies for Monitoring in Harsh Environment

Organizers: Guillaume Laffont, CEA, France; Matthieu Lancry, Université Paris Sud, France

Seeking submissions reporting on the latest research and development related to the use of fiber optic sensing technologies to perform monitoring under harsh environments. These elements can be low or high temperatures (typically well outside of standards defined for telecommunications), high strain, high pressures, high voltage, high magnetic fields, vibrations, dust, explosive environments, and aggressive chemical and biological environments.

Special Symposium on Innovative Grating-components and Grating-configurations for Fiber Lasers

Organizers: Martin Bernier, COPL, Canada; Morten Ibsen, ORC - University of Southampton, UK

Seeking submissions reporting on novel and innovative configurations of gratings, including fiber and volume Bragg gratings, in conjunction with fiber lasers to further their performance and facilitate new application areas. In particular, papers are being solicited to cover innovative gratings and grating configurations from their design and optimization, through to their fabrication and application.