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26 July 2021 – 30 July 2021 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 04:00)
21 June 2021

This OSA Meeting will be presented in a virtual, web-conference format using a program schedule based on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT, UTC-04:00). The meeting has been extended by one day.

Participants have the option of viewing sessions live or streaming recorded sessions on demand. Speakers can present live during a session or submit a pre-recorded video. [Learn more]

Signal Processing in Photonic Communications (SPPCom)


Signal processing is essential in today’s photonic communication systems and networks including backbone metro and long-haul applications, data center interconnects (DCI), edge computing, optical access networks, free space communications, and so forth.

SPPCom covers the state-of-the-art advances in digital and analog (electronic and optical) signal processing techniques for all of these applications, to address the ever-increasing capacity demand, reduce cost per bit, and enable future photonic communication services. SPPCom brings together researchers and engineers from various areas to share their knowledge, cutting-edge research and visions.

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Committee Members

  • David Hillerkuss, Huawei Technologies, GermanyChair
  • Koji Igarashi, Osaka University, JapanChair
  • Hany Elgala, State University of New York at Albany, United StatesProgram Chair
  • Neil Guerrero-González, National University of Colombia, ColombiaProgram Chair
  • Ripalta Stabile, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, NetherlandsProgram Chair
  • Armando Borrero Molina, Universidad Catolica del Uruguay, Uruguay
  • Ana Maria Cardenas Soto, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
  • Uiara de Moura, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark
  • David Elkouss, QUTech, Netherlands
  • Jhon Granada Torres, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
  • Paul Haigh, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  • Toshimori Honjo, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan
  • Maria Vasilica Ionescu, Nokia Bell Labs France, France
  • Hoon Kim, Korea Advanced Inst of Science & Tech, Republic Of Korea
  • Mary McCarthy, Lumentum Switzerland AG, United Kingdom
  • Julio Cesar Medeiros Diniz, Infinera Corporation, United States
  • Darli Mello, UNICAMP, Brazil
  • Ana Pejkic, ADVA Optical Networking, United States
  • Joaquin Perez, Universitat de Valencia, Spain
  • Andreas Poppe, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
  • Edson Porto da Silva, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil
  • Jochen Schroeder, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Sweden
  • Sihua Shao, New Mexico Tech, United States
  • Akihisa Tomita, Hokkaido University, Japan
  • Deepa Venkitesh, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
  • Metodi Yankov, DTU Fotonik, Technical Univ of Denmark, Denmark


David Hillerkuss

Huawei Technologies, Germany

Koji Igarashi

Osaka University, Japan

Hany Elgala

State University of New York at Albany, United States
Program Chair

Neil Guerrero-González

National University of Colombia, Colombia
Program Chair

Ripalta Stabile

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands
Program Chair


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