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26 July 2021 – 30 July 2021 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)
18 May 2021

This OSA Meeting will be presented in a virtual, web-conference format using a program schedule based on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT, UTC-04:00). The meeting has been extended by one day.

Participants have the option of viewing sessions live or streaming recorded sessions on demand. Speakers can present live during a session or submit a pre-recorded video. [Learn more]

  • Network Control and Management
    • Software-defined networks and network function virtualization (SDN/NFV)
    • Machine learning approaches for advanced network management
    • Network control and orchestration
    • Network performance monitoring and analytics
    • Optical white box systems for deeply programmable networks
  • Technologies, Components, Systems and Interconnects for Data Centers and High Performance Computing
    • Optical networks to support inter data center communication and cloud applications
    • Disaggregated Data Center and HPC architectures, algorithms and protocols
    • Resource provisioning schemes for intra- and inter-datacenter communication
    • Cost effective and energy efficient devices for on-chip and chip-to-chip interconnects
  • Network Design and Operations
    • Optical network architectures and protocols for metro, access and backbone networks
    • Optical routers and switches, including ROADM, WSS, cross-connects and optical packet/burst switching
    • Energy efficient and sustainable optical networks
    • Resilience and security of optical networks
    • Techno-economic studies
  • Advanced High-capacity Transmission Systems and Enabling Technologies
    • Transmission systems with record capacity
    • Methods to achieve multi-terabit capacity networking
    • Point-point transmission or shared bus/tree topologies, burst transmission
    • 5G transport networks and convergence applications
    • Advanced optical modulation formats
  • Future Networks
    • Quantum communications network architectures and enabling devices
    • SDM-based network applications, network elements and unique applications using the spatial dimension
    • Free-space optics and terahertz technology for short- and long-reach applications including balloon and drone-aided communications