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26 July 2021 – 30 July 2021 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 04:00)

Novel Optical Materials and Applications (NOMA)

Image Credit: Elizabeth Hillman, Columbia University


Addresses new, cutting-edge research in optical materials and applications spanning the transmission spectrum from UV through terahertz.

This conference addresses new, cutting-edge research in optical materials spanning the spectrum from the ultraviolet through the terahertz region. The conference will focus on the modeling, design, synthesis, and patterning of optical materials, new optical behavior emerging in these materials, and novel optical devices and applications, including imaging systems, lasers, nanoscale devices, quantum photonics, waveguides and fibers, sensors, detectors, and other new and emerging areas.

NOMA will have two special symposia; Bioinspired Optics: From Fundamental Biology to Tools and Applications and a joint symposia with IPR on Machine Learning for Photonics.

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Committee Members

  • Lynda Busse, US Naval Research Laboratory, United StatesChair
  • Mikhail Kats, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United StatesChair
  • Jonathan Fan, Stanford University, United StatesProgram Chair
  • Woei Ming Lee, Australian National University, AustraliaProgram Chair
  • Ishwar Aggarwal, Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States
  • Andrea Armani, USC, United States
  • Jennifer Choy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
  • Stephen Foulger, Clemson University, United States
  • Alon Gorodetsky, University of California Irvine, United States
  • Shekhar Guha, US Air Force Research Laboratory, United States
  • Roman Holovchak, Austin Peay State University, United States
  • Jonathan Hu, Baylor University, United States
  • Juejun Hu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
  • Garo Khanarian, Consultant, United States
  • Howard Lee, Baylor University, United States
  • Yongmin Liu, Northeastern University, United States
  • Yu-Jung Lu, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Arka Majumdar, University of Washington, United States
  • Feng Miao, Nanjing University, China
  • Jason Myers, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States
  • Sedat Nizamoglu, Koc Universitesi, Turkey
  • Dario Pisignano, University of Pisa, Italy
  • Barry Rand, Princeton University, United States
  • Orad Reshef, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • Thomas Searles, Howard University, United States
  • Brandon Shaw, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States
  • Yakov Soskind, Apple Inc., United States
  • Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, University of Utah, United States
  • David Woolf, Physical Sciences Inc, United States
  • Seok-Hyun Yun, Harvard Medical School, United States
  • Kevin Zawilski, BAE Systems , United States
  • Chenglong Zhao, University of Dayton, United States


Lynda Busse

US Naval Research Laboratory, United States

Mikhail Kats

University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

Jonathan Fan

Stanford University, United States
Program Chair

Woei Ming Lee

Australian National University, Australia
Program Chair


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