Nonlinear conservative systems, parametric and stimulated scattering in photonic structures
Temporal effects:
Modulational instability, temporal solitons and their interaction and control
Nonlinear pulse shaping, self-accelerating pulses and pulse train generation
Supercontinuum phenomena, harmonic generation, UV and X-ray generation, optical frequency combs, optics of few cycle pulses 
Rogue and shock waves, dispersive wave generation, wave turbulence
Ultrashort pulse modelling beyond the slowly-varying envelope approximation
Spatial effects:
Spatial optical solitons, self-trapping, and self-guiding effects
Nonlinear modes and self trapping and solitons in discrete media, waveguide arrays and multimode fibers                    
Nonlinear surface waves and topological states
Nonlinear singular optics
Self-accelerating beams and novel beam shaping techniques
Optical analogue gravity
Structured light
Spatio-temporal effects:
Spatio-temporal solitons, X waves non-diffracting beams
Filamentation, collapse, shock waves and extreme events  
Spatio-temporal beam dynamics in photonic structures
Nonlinear effects in disordered media, wave turbulence
Spatio-temporal dynamics in nonlinear multimode fibers
Parametric and stimulated scattering in photonics structures:
Nonlinear optoacoustic interactions
Optomechanics, stimulated Brillouin and Raman scattering
Frequency conversion and synchronization
Nonlinear wave interactions in quantum photonics:
Generation of photons with spatial and temporal entanglement
Coherent photon conversion and single-photon interactions
Quantum-classical correspondence in nonlinear wave mixing
Single photon nonlinearities
Nonequilibrium systems, active and driven nonlinear photonic structures
Nonlinear interactions in optical cavities and microresonators:
Spatial patterns, fronts and domains in nonlinear cavities and waveguides
Mode locking and dissipative spatial or temporal solitons
Polarization effects and vector solitons
Vortex solitons, optical turbulence, rogue waves and extreme events
Parabolic and self-similar pulses
Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation in active media, semiconductor lasers
Optical frequency combs in micro-cavity and in passive/active fiber cavities, cavity solitons
Random lasers
Nonlinear effects in photonic crystals and interactions in periodic structures: 
Bragg gratings in semiconductor waveguides
Nonlinear effects in photonic crystals and Bragg gratings, slow light
Bragg solitons, gap solitons and dissipative solitons in photonic crystals
Devices based on nonlinear interactions in gratings
Waveguides and resonators with gain and loss:
Nonlinear effects in parity-time symmetric structures
Nonlinear optical switching and unidirectional phenomena
Supersymmetry and lasers
Nonlinear amplifiers and amplifier solitons
Short pulse and quasi-CW fiber lasers
Nonlinear light-matter interactions and phase transitions:
Exciton-polaritons in semiconductor microcavities and waveguides
Cold atoms and Bose-Einstein Condensates in optical lattices and cavities
Nonlinear modes and light-matter solitons
Synchronization, coherence and laser threshold
Condensation with and without dissipation
Unconventional non-classical light
Symmetry breaking
Active devices and lasers:
Laser dynamics, feedback effects, chaos
Models for lasers and amplifiers
Mode locking, new techniques
Novel laser structures and applications, lasers with novel functionality
Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, external cavity and photonic crystal lasers

Nonlinear Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials
Nonlinear properties of plasmonic materials:
Nonlinearity enhancement
Surface nonlinearity
Nonlocal effects
Ultrafast phenomena
Self-sustained waves in plasmonic structures
Quantum plasmonics, including electron-plasmon interactions
Nonlinear scattering by nanoparticles:
Harmonic generation
Frequency mixing
Optical modulation
Nonlinear metamaterials and metasurfaces:
Nonlinear interactions and propagation in metamaterials
Nonlinear enhancement in all-dielectric structures
Dispersion engineering and nonlinear phase matching
Nonlinear effects in 2D materials:
Nonlinear interactions in graphene and other mono-atomic-layer materials
Topological phenomena
Finite difference time domain simulations:
Full vector solutions to Maxwell’s equations with nonlinearities
Pseudo spectral computations
Novel algorithms for nanophotonic simulations
Nonlinear Devices, Applications and Novel Phenomena
Nonlinear Devices and Systems:
All-optical communications devices and systems
All-optical wavelength conversion and signal regeneration
Ultrafast switching and packet-switching
All-optical signal processing and logic functions
Optical storage and memory
Slow-light phenomena
Optical beam cleaning
Dielectric and plasmonic metadevices
Microwave photonics
Photonics computing, Ising machines and neuromorphic devices
Application of second order nonlinearities:
Second harmonic generation
Frequency conversion
Cascaded nonlinearities
Quantum Information:
Quantum computing
Quantum photonic chips
Quantum communications and cryptography
Quantum imaging
Measurements and microscopy:
Nonlinear measurement and detection
Nonlinear biophotonic devices
Ultrashort pulse characterization (e.g., FROG, SPIDER)
Optical sampling
Multiphoton microscopy        
All-optical monitoring
Nonlinear guided wave spectroscopy
Advanced imaging techniques, scattering assisted imaging, ghost imaging and superfocusing
Optical trapping and manipulation
Novel Nonlinear Materials and Structures:
Highly nonlinear fibers (e.g. novel glasses and microstructured fibers)
Nonlinear crystals (including photorefractive effects)
Nonlinear semiconductors (SOAs, LDs, VCSELs, VECSELs, QCLs)
Droplet lasers
Quantum-dot materials
Graphene and other 2D materials
Polymers and organics for waveguides
Physics and chemistry of poling including thermal and UV-assisted poling
Novel materials, structures and fabrication
System modelling:
Stochastic effects in communication systems and error estimates
Advanced modulation formats
Nonlinearities in spatial and mode division multiplexing fiber systems
Mitigation of fiber nonlinearity impairments in coherent transmission systems
Nonlinear Fourier transform for optical communications
Optical networks

Novel Phenomena