Letter of Invitation and Visa Information

Letter of Invitation

Individuals requiring letters of invitation to obtain travel visas for the Congress are required to provide all information on the online form. Invitation letters take OSA Management 7-14 days to process.

Important information regarding Visa Invitation Letters (please read):

  • Your name must be listed exactly as it appears on your passport. Any differences between the name on your passport and the name on your invitation letter or other documentation could lead to a delay and/or denial of your visa.
  • If you are presenting a paper, include the title and session in which the paper will be presented, or if you are exhibiting, please indicate so in your request.
  • Please note that each individual requesting an invitation letter must fill out a separate form.
  • All letters will be sent in PDF form to the email address provided. If you require a paper copy please provide a courier account number or credit card number with expiration date with the original request.
  • OSA Management reserves the right to request further information regarding the company or affiliation of the attendee to ensure the validity of requests. Meeting attendees do not need to wait until your paper is accepted to request a Visa Invitation Letter.
  • OSA is unable to contact Embassies in support of an individual attempting to gain entry to attend a meeting.
  • We recommend that you secure your travel visa before registering for the conference as cancellations after the pre-registration cutoff may result in a cancellation fee.
For questions about the Visa Invitation Letter application process, email invitations@osa.org.

Apply now for your Visa

If you need a travel visa, begin the visa application process now! The application process can months. We strongly encourage you to apply for your visa as early as possible.  Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to travel to Switzerland. Please refer to the Switzerland’s Visa Information for details. Check the Nationality chart to verify if you will need a visa to travel to Switzerland.
General Information:
  • Only short-term visa applications (up to 90 days, Schengen visa) such as tourist, visit or business can be submitted online. A visa application can be submitted at the earliest 3 month before entering the Schengen area.
  • Applications for long-term visas (over 90 days, National visa) must be filed directly with the responsible Swiss representation.
  • Depending on the Swiss representation, appointments can be made for both, Schengen and National visas.
Other On-line Resources:
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Request Letter of Invitation
For individuals requiring letters to obtain a travel visa.