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Street train in Zurich


Zürich Airport (Distance: 10 km from ETH Zürich)
The airport is connected to the Zürich Transport Network (ZTV).
The trip into the city center takes just 10 minutes. In addition, there are convenient direct connections to other Swiss cities such as Basel, Berne or Geneva.  

Rail Europe
Zurich Main Station offers direct connections from many cities throughout Switzerland as well as frequent service to the airport. Trains operate every 10-15 minutes with a total travel time of only 11 minutes from the city center to the airport. The Zurich Main Station is one of the busiest train stations in the world. Its central location provides access to trains traveling to Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and beyond. In addition, the station is part of the Rail City network and has over 200 hundred underground shops in which travelers can pick up souvenirs, snacks and other trinkets.  

Public Transportation
The simplest way to get around Zürich is on foot together with the public transport vehicles, trams, buses and trains. In Zürich City you find a bus or ZVV tram stop at intervals of around 300 meters. Learn more about Zürich public transportation.