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Meeting Services

OSA Meetings provide exclusive opportunities to exchange information on the status, advances and future directions of research and applications in Optics and Photonics. They provide a forum to bring together OSA’s network of scientists, engineers, educators, technicians, government agencies and business leaders.

OSA continuously strives to expand the depth and breadth of our meetings. In addition to OSA managed meetings, we are highly involved in the technical and logistical development of numerous meetings and conferences worldwide. Please use the following links to explore how you can work with OSA to create a new or enhance an existing meeting or activity.

  • Explore Management Options. OSA’s team of meeting professionals can help you by providing the following services:
    • Technical Programming
    • Paper Management
    • Meeting Management
    • Registration Assistance

If you are interested in a special issue related to a scientific meeting, the first step is to submit a proposal for the issue to the journal editors. OSA staff will work with you to include all the necessary information for a special issue proposal. To request additional information, please contact OSA.

Generally, a proposal should include:

  • A description of the scope of the special issue/topics the issue will cover
    • Note: the special issue does not need to cover the entire scope of the meeting. It is possible to pull out one emerging/developing area for the special issue
  • Point out why the issue is a ‘hot topic’

  • Emphasize new developments in the field and why readers would be interested
  • Exhibit at an OSA Meeting. From large conventions to mid-size conferences OSA meetings provide an excellent opportunity to reach your target audience.

  • Sponsor a Meeting. OSA’s meetings and conventions offer several opportunities to reach attendees with news about your company, products and services.

Do you have a question or are you not sure where your idea will fit? You can email with your idea, thoughts or questions and OSA staff will be in touch.