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27 April 2021 – 29 April 2021 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

Technology Themes

The OIDA Technology Showcase is a 3-day program consisting of showcase presentations from participating companies across 5 technologies and exclusive networking opportunities to make new connections.


Versatile State of the Art Laser Engine for Microscopy | Toptica >> click for more info

Latest Developments in High Brightness Blue Wavelength Diode Lasers | Nuburu >> click for more info

Figure 9® Mode-Locking Technology: Ultrafast Fiber Laser Applications in Science and Industry Menlo Systems GmbH >> click for more info

Compact Ultrafast Fiber Lasers Enable Novel Tech Applications | Calmar Laser >> click for more info

Cloud Data Center Interconnect Technologies | Source Photonics >> click for more info

High-Performance Integrated Electro-Optic Solutions Enabled by Thin-Film Lithium Niobate | Hyperlight Corporation >> click for more info

Integrated Materials and Solutions Provider Hitachi High-Tech >> click for more info

Space Photonics: An Enabling Technology for Satellite Communications and Planetary Exploration G&H >> click for more info

Testing Cutting-Edge Optical Components With Cutting-Edge Technologies | EXFO >> click for more info

Diamond USA High Performance Solutions for Harsh Environment Diamond USA >> click for more info

Active Optical Cables: Enabling Fiber Optics Everywhere Cosemi Technologies >> click for more info

Polarization-Sensitive OCT Imaging: Background and Applications | Thorlabs >> click for more info

Fast, Accurate and Precise - Advances in Optical Component Characterization  | Santec USA Corporation >> click for more info

Phasics Advanced Wavefront Error and MTF Metrology Solutions for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Defense and Space Applications Phasics >> click for more info

Fast, Simple, Expandable – The Technology Behind OptoTest’s New Software Application, OPL-CLX  | OptoTest Corporation >> click for more info

OE400 Optical Phase Noise/Linewidth/RIN Analyzer | OEwaves >> click for more info

Low Coherence Interferometry and Multi Wavelength Profilometry for Lens Assembly Process Control | NTVUSA >> click for more info

BEAMAGE-M2: Laser Profile Scanning System to Measure Laser Beam Quality | Gentec-EO >> click for more info

Internal Qualification Standards for Chalcogenide Glasses According to ISO 19740, 19741, and 19742 | Schott North America >> click for more info

Flatness and Stress Control Strategies for Coated High-Aspect Ratio Substrates | PFG Precision Optics >> click for more info

Precision Aspheres: Manufacturing & Metrology | LaCroix Precision Optics >> click for more info

How to Benefit from Continuously Variable Filters in Fluorescence Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy and Spectroscopy? | Delta Optical Thin Film >> click for more info

Plug-and-Play Quantum Information Processing Based on Low-Loss Silicon Nitride Waveguides | QuiX >> click for more info

(Hybrid) PIC Packaging and the Volume Scale Up | PHIX Photonics Assembly >> click for more info

Automatic Design Search Tools in Optical Design | Optical Systems Design >> click for more info

Photonic Integrated Circuit Modules Based on Silicon Nitride Waveguides | LioniX International >> click for more info

What Do You Need to Know to Get a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) in a Few Weeks Time | LIGENTEC >> click for more info