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Low Coherence Interferometry and Multi Wavelength Profilometry for Lens Assembly Process Control

By the use and combination of full field imaging and topography with single point IR temporal mode interferometry, Optical metrology systems can deliver all required 3D parameters for lens manufacturing and assembly. The multi wavelength approach allows to get topography at video acquisition speed rate while the IR interferometry  gives thicknesses and gaps between lenses within an assembly.



Gilles Fresquet, Vice President, Optical Technologies, Fogale Nanotech Group

Gilles Fresquet has 35 years of engineering experiences in high tech. industry.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, Gilles spent many years at Thomson and Motorola semiconductor in a variety of engineering and management roles in France and in the USA..

He then joined RECIF S.A (equipment supplier) as R&D manager and business development director.

He joined FOGALE Nanotech in 2008 and developed the Optical metrology semiconductor activities. He led the Unity-SC (FOGALE subsidiary) start-up phase as a CEO/CTO. He is now Fogale VP in charge of the Optical activities

He holds a MSc. In Physics and a PhD in semiconductor advanced materials. He holds 12 patents in both semiconductor process and metrology fields. He is the author of more 50 scientific publications related to process modeling, device solid state physics and optical metrology.

About Us

NTV/FOGALE is a partnership that provides Optics Metrology for a wide range of measurements for a variety of optical devices and assemblies in North America. This ranges from large telescope lenses to lithography system lenses, to molded polyner lenses, phone camera assemblies and more. This technology produces cutting-edge products in the field of high-precision dimensional measurement. Our know-how is acknowledged in most demanding R&D centers & industries such as medical, aerospace, semiconductor, Optics, civil engineering & automotive. Fogale developed optical alignment solutions for Very Large Telescopes such as Hobby–Eberly Telescope (HET) in Texas and SALT in South Africa. Fogale delivers industrial metrology solutions for lens manufacturing and assembly for High End DUV Lithography optics and small form factor smart phone and automotive camera modules.

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