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01 December 2020 – 03 December 2020 OSA Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

Interested in participating in the next OIDA Technology Showcase? 

Email Sakshi Sethi at for more details.

Now Available On-Demand: 2nd OIDA Technology Showcase  Presentations

Looking for new products for your organization and information about the latest technology? While the live event took place Tuesday 1 December - Thursday 3 December, you can now view the on-demand recordings and get an in depth look as OIDA member companies present and explain their cutting-edge technologies. 

Technology Themes:

  • Instrumentation and Metrology
  • Imaging and Microscopy
  • Fiber Optics and Communications
  • Services
  • Precision Optics and Components
  • Precision Sources

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Also Available On-Demand: 1st OIDA Technology Showcase Presentations

While the live event took place Tuesday 18 August - Thursday 20 August, you can now view the on-demand recordings. Click here to watch now!


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