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Elizabeth Rivera Hartling

Subsea Optical Network Architect , Facebook

The Growing Facebook Network: Connecting the Planet

Bandwidth growth for cloud providers continues to drive a new surge of subsea cable builds, driven by many factors, including Machine Learning and AI machine-to-machine interactions on a global scale. Continued efforts to get closer to the ever-impending Shannon's Limit have led the subsea industry to embrace the recent spatial division multiplexing “SDM” design strategy, charging towards petabit cables. Meanwhile, the open cables movement has moved beyond the sea into open global networks, simplifying connectivity and operations via integrated subsea & terrestrial networks.

About the Speaker

Elizabeth Rivera Hartling is a Subsea Optical Network Architect at Facebook, focused on optical transmission technology and optimizing Facebook's Subsea Open Cable designs to build a scalable, high capacity, cost-effective subsea network to meet Facebook's growing bandwidth demands. Elizabeth studied Electrical Engineering at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Canada. She entered the subsea industry in 2008 as a founding member of the Ciena Submarine R&D engineering team, when the subsea upgrade market was a new idea to the industry. She designed and executed solutions for some of the very first subsea industry 40G and 100G coherent deployments and co-pioneered the ITU standardization of submarine power budget tables for coherent technologies. She has been a long-time champion of the subsea Open Cables movement, and currently leads a cross-industry working group focused on garnering broad industry agreement on best practices and recommendations for many key aspects of Open Cables.