OIDA Workshop Speaker Profiles

2018 OIDA Workshop Speaker Profiles

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Chris Cole, Finisar

Peter De Dobbelaere, Vice President, Engineering, Luxtera

From 1991 to 1995, Peter was employed by IMEC, Belgium working on various projects including short reach optical interconnect and heterogeneous integration of III-V lasers with Si and polymer waveguides. From 1995 to 1999, he was with Akzo-Nobel N.V., The Netherlands and U.S., where he was engaged in product development and reliability of polymer-based thermo-optic waveguide switch devices. In 1999, he joined OMM Inc., San Diego, CA, where he was responsible for product and technology development of MEMS-based optical switches. His latest position there was CTO and Director of Product Engineering and Reliability. In 2004, he joined Luxtera, Inc., in Carlsbad, CA, where he is currently responsible for technology development for silicon photonics.

Boudewijn Docter, Effect Photonics
Ken Giewont, Global Foundries

Atsushi Kanno, NiCT

Pim KatTechnobis
Vincent Lin, ASE
Lute Maleki, Cruise Automation


Claudio Mazzali, Sr. Vice President, Technology Corning Optical Communications, Corning, USA

Dr. Claudio Mazzali was appointed Senior Vice President, Technology, Corning Optical Communications and Optical Connectivity Solutions in January 2015. In this role, Mazzali expanded his previous responsibility, acting now as the chief technology officer for the COC sector while still responsible for the technology development for the OCS division.

Previously, Mazzali was the business technology director for the Telecom Sector, leading its early stage development by leveraging a close connection with the Research organization and focusing on integrated solutions that require collaboration between fiber, cables, and connectivity. 

Mazzali joined Corning in 1999 at the Brazilian regional office as an optical communications specialist, and later became technical manager for Corning Optical Fiber in Latin America. In 2001, Mazzali was transferred to Corning, New York, and has held multiple positions in Corning  Optical Fiber, including strategic alliances manager, product line manager for high-data-rate and submarine products, and new business development manager.  Mazzali holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute at Unicamp, Brazil. 

He is a member of The Optical Society, and the current Chair of the OIDA (OSA Industry Development Associates) Council. 

Idelfonso Tafus MonroyTUe/Blue Space

Hans StorkSr. Vice President & CTO, ON Semiconductor, USA

Dr. Hans Stork is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ON Semiconductor. He oversees the development of wafer process technologies, modeling and design kits, design libraries, as well as packaging technologies and assembly support. 

Prior to joining ON Semiconductor, Dr. Stork was Group Vice President and CTO of the Silicon Systems Group at Applied Materials. From 2001 to 2007 he was Senior Vice President and the CTO of Texas Instruments. Before that, Dr. Stork held various R&D and management positions at Hewlett Packard Laboratories and at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center. 

Dr. Stork serves on the supervisory board of ASML, is a member of the Scientific Advisory board at IMEC, and has previously served on the boards of Sematech and the SRC. He is also a longstanding member of the SIA Technology Strategy Committee.  

He authored more than 100 cited papers and holds 11 U.S. patents. He was elected IEEE Fellow in 1994, and served on several IEEE sponsored conference program committees, and is currently vice-chair of the Technical Field Awards Council and a member of the Awards Policy and Portfolio Review Committee.

Dr. Stork was born in Soest, The Netherlands, and received the Ingenieur degree in electrical engineering (EE) from Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, and holds a PhD in EE from Stanford University. 

Anna Tzanakaki, Bristol University

Jan Vardaman, President & Founder, Engineering, TechSearch International  
E. Jan Vardaman is president and founder of TechSearch International, Inc., which has provided market research and technology trend analysis in semiconductor packaging since 1987.  She is the co-author of How to Make IC Packages (by Nikkan Kogyo Shinbunsha), a columnist with Printed Circuit Design & Fab/Circuits Assembly, and the author of numerous publications on emerging trends in semiconductor packaging and assembly.  She is a senior member of IEEE CPMT (now EPS) and is an IEEE CPMT (EPS) Distinguished Lecturer.  She is a member of SEMI, IMAPS, and MEPTEC.  She received the IMAPS GBC Partnership award in 2012.   Before founding TechSearch International, she served on the corporate staff of Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), the electronics industry’s first pre-competitive research consortium.     
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