OIDA Webinar: New Milestones in Coherent Optical Performance

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OIDA Webinar: New Milestones in Coherent Optical Performance

13 December 2017, 0:00 - 0:00

This webinar will focus on these and other recent performance milestones enabled by advanced coherent technologies, from both real-world deployments and research demonstrations

OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA) and Infinera have partnered to bring you a free, interactive webinar on New Milestones in Coherent Optical Performance.

As the latest generation of coherent detection and signal processing is deployed in live networks, their performance is not only meeting but exceeding expectations. Commercially available optical engines and transport systems now incorporate a broad range of advanced coherent technologies that together deliver dramatic improvements and new records for real-world spectral efficiency and capacity, as much as 50% higher than previously demonstrated. They are also delivering critical improvements in transport system availability by eliminating lightning-related service impacts on aerial fiber systems.

Meanwhile, research continues on innovations that will appear in future optical engine generations, delivering further improvements in capacity, performance and cost. Recent experimental results demonstrate the feasibility of such techniques as 1024 QAM modulation with constellation shaping and 100 gigabaud transmission, showing the way to a future of 1 terabit per second single-wavelength transmission.

What you will learn in the webinar:

  • What optical transport markets and applications are driving demand for increased capacity
  • What advanced coherent technologies are being deployed today and demonstrated for future deployment
  • Technical milestones and practical impacts achieved by the latest coherent transmission systems

Who should attend:

  • Network architects, engineers and operations staff in communication service providers, internet content providers and other large-scale optical transport network operators
  • Scientists and engineers interested in optical components and DWDM transmission systems
  • Journalists and industry analysts covering the optical transport market
  • Students studying networking and optical transmission technologies

Intermediate to advanced: assumes some knowledge of fiber optic communications networks and coherent transmission technologies


  • Matthew Mitchell, Vice President, Optical Systems Architecture, Infinera, USA