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Conference Proposal

Propose a Meeting for OSA!

OSA Meetings are unique opportunities to provide information exchange on the status, advances, and future directions in optics and photonics. OSA meetings bring together optics and photonics scientists, engineers, educators, technicians and business leaders providing a forum for the exchange of the latest information in the field. If you've attended past OSA meetings or know of someone who has, you know that OSA has developed a distinguished reputation and track record among industry professionals - in promoting the worldwide generation, application and dissemination of optics and photonics knowledge through its meetings, events and journals.

Define your meeting

OSA accepts meeting proposals for new meetings and emerging topics on an ongoing basis. We are particularly interested in proposals that:

  • Identify emerging or underrepresented topics of broad scientific significance.
  • Facilitate interactive exchange in meetings of 100 to 500 people.
  • Encourage student and postdoctoral participation.
  • Recruit individuals in disciplines not already directly involved in OSA membership.
  • Foster interdisciplinary and international exchange and collaboration with other scientific organizations.

Submit a formal proposal