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Quan Liu excitement discusses his research in spectroscopy--OSA Stories

Quan Liu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, talks about the techniques he is working on in biomedical imaging--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:43:33

Randy Hulet discusses science funding--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Randy Hulet, Rice University, USA, talks about the importance of government's funding of science--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:42:46

Randy Hulet shares the lab course that made him want to pursue his current field--OSA Stories

OSA Fellow Randy Hulet, Rice University, USA, recalls how he decided he wanted to work with lasers--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:42:21

Santiago Camacho-Lopez describes some of the work he is doing in the biomedical field--OSA Stories

Santiago Camacho-Lopez, CICESE, Mexico, talks about the collaborative effort that he is a part of--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:41:54

Santiago Camacho-Lopez talks about being a student advisor--OSA Stories

Santiago Camacho-Lopez, CICESE, Mexico, encourages others to become OSA Student Chapter advisors--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:41:13

Songfeng Han talks about his research at the University of Rochester--OSA Stories

Songfeng Han, University of Rochester, USA, details the work he is doing to manage blood flow with lasers--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:40:44

Seemantini Nadkarni shares her thoughts on why she believes it's important for the general public to appreciate the value of government funding--OSA Stories

Seemantini Nadkarni, Harvard Medical School, USA, talks about the problem of the importance of funding science--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:40:19

Stavros Pissadakis discusses the work that is being conducted in his lab--OSA Stories

OSA Senior Member Stavros Pissadakis, FORTH-IESL, Greece, provides some details on the work he is doing with sensors--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:39:45

Travis Sawyer describes why celebrating light is necessary--OSA Stories

Travis Sawyer, University of Arizona, USA, talks about the importance of the International Day of Light--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:38:42

Subhasri Chatterjee details the work she is doing in oxygen circulation--OSA Stories

Subhasri Chatterjee, City, University of London, U.K., shares her passion for biomedical optics--OSA Stories

Date: 2018-02-23T17:38:20