Prof. Wilfred Michael Walsh

Wilfred Walsh is a physicist and astrophysicist currently working at the National University of Singapore on topics relating to the large scale deployment of solar PV systems and the integration of renewable energy into electricity grids. He is the founder of Biosphere Capital, a renewable energy finance consultancy.

A Sky-Imaging System for Monitoring Sky Radiance and Cloud Cover

Interest for sky-imaging systems is growing rapidly due to their ability to monitor and analyse a wide range of atmospheric properties such as aerosol load, cloud coverage and cloud types. Combined with appropriate algorithms, the instrument is able to quantify the sky radiance distribution, to assess the variability of the solar resource. In that context, SERIS has developed and deployed a network of 15 sky cameras across Singapore. Each instrument consists of a high-quality camera equipped with a fisheye lens and protected by a weatherproof, thermally-controlled enclosure. An overview of recent developments is provided including applications in solar farm O&M.