Canada IPAC Workshop

The International Photonics Advocacy Coalition will be conducting a workshop with Canadian scientists and policy leaders in Ottawa, Canada. The focus of the workshop will be to advance knowledge of photonics technologies generally as well as highlight its application in monitoring and measuring of diverse environmental impacts. 

Welcome and Overview
Dr. Donna Strickland, University of Waterloo/IPAC Steering Committee

Session 1: Photonic techniques for environmental measurement

Global Environmental Monitoring and Measurement
Dr. Thomas Baer
Chair, IPAC

Advanced Optical Diagnostics in Real-World Environmental Applications
Dr. Matthew Johnson
Research Professor in Energy and Combustion Generated Pollutant Emissions at Carleton University

CHAIR: Dr. Donna Strickland

Session 2: Rapid changes in the Canadian North

Urgent needs for research, monitoring and adaptation
Dr. Warwick F. Vincent, Professor & Canada Research Chair, Biology Dept & Centre for Northern Studies (CEN), Laval University

Photonic solutions for real time monitoring
Dr. Sophie LaRochelle, CRC in Advanced Photonics Technologies for Communications, Laval University

CHAIR: Dr. Francois Chateauneuf, National Optics Institute

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