OIDA Market Update March 2016

OIDA Market Update March 2016

Highlights include a deep dive into the data center optics market, the adaptive optics market, and a tutorial of the European Union and Photonics21 funding, 59 pages.


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Report coverThe OIDA Market Update brings the Annual Market Report to OIDA members and the industry in a series of bi-monthly installments. Each update features key topics in optics and photonics markets, including particular sectors or market segments, regional trends, and recent areas of focus for OIDA, and which are not available in another form in the industry today. The Market Update also features more detail on topics that are reported by OIDA elsewhere in presentations and in the OIDA newsletter. The material is presented in a user-friendly format as a set of slides with accompanying narration.

Highlights in this OIDA Market Update:

  1. Data center deep dive.  This is an in-depth, quantitative look at optical transceiver products in data centers for 2016 and coming years.
  1. Adaptive optics.  This section reviews some forecasts for this emerging product category and some leading companies.  Proponents suggest that MEMS and other developments may make it affordable for consumer products within the next few years.
  1. Photonics21.  This is a tutorial on the history and mechanics of European Commission funding associated with the European Technology Platform (ETP) known as Photonics21.  It includes useful reference material on the many and confusing facets to the effort, such as the European Union itself, Horizon 2020, Framework Programmes, KETs, ETPs, the PPP, Europe 2020, and the German program Photonik 2020.