OIDA Market Update January 2013

OIDA Market Update January 2013

MEETINGS & FORUMS PUBLICATION—January, 2013 43 pages


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This report is a format that OIDA is “beta‐testing” for use as its market report. The report will be released in installments, as a subscription, rather than as one complete document. The report will cover a wide range of market topics over the series of installments.

The Table of Contents reflects the slide numbers. Each topic will usually cover about 10‐15 pages/slides.

Please note that this material is copyrighted. If you reference the material, please provide the complete citation. If an outside source is cited, please use it. If OIDA is the source, please cite it as, for example, “Source: OIDA Market Update (January 2013).”

A PowerPoint version of this document is available upon request. Please contact oidainfo@osa.org with any questions.