OIDA Market Update August 2017

OIDA Market Update August 2017

Reviews of the medical point-of-care market and AR/VR products, 50 pages.


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The OIDA Market Update brings the Annual Market Report to OIDA members and the industry in a series of installments. Each update features key topics in optics and photonics markets, including particular sectors or market segments, regional trends, and recent areas of focus for OIDA, and which are not available in another form in the industry today. The Market Update also features more detail on topics that are reported by OIDA elsewhere in presentations and in the OIDA newsletter. The material is presented in a user-friendly format as a set of slides with accompanying narration.

Highlights in this OIDA Market Update:

Medical point-of-care technologies:   A review of current and emerging opportunities for optics and photonics in medical point-of-care (POC) diagnostic technologies, including target markets and market segments, geographic trends, and industry leaders.

The augmented reality/virtual reality marketplace:   A discussion of augmented reality/virtual reality (AR-VR) hardware, including market trends, drivers, and companies working in the ecosystem.  It provides insights from several market research companies and a comparison of some of their forecasts.