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Industry Advocacy

As the leading association in optics and photonics, OIDA advocates for its members and the community within OSA’s government relations effort.  Several public policy issues consistently rise to the top of OIDA member priorities:

OIDA and its members also advocate for other policies, such as: adoption of fair and transparent travel and work visa policies, assuring sustainable access to strategic optical materials, and reform of R&D tax policies.  OIDA advocates for its members and the community through the OSA government relations effort and the OSA public policy platform.  

OIDA and OSA build relationships with policymakers and keep policymakers informed about the importance and value of optics and photonics in their communities.  We engage with members and work to build coalitions on specific topics that are brought to our attention.  OSA’s volunteers and professional staff provide testimony to lawmakers, and serve on advisory committees.  OSA helps fund engineers and scientists in policymaking positions through the annual awards of U.S. Congressional fellowships.  It recognizes policymakers through OSA’s annual Advocate of Optics Award.  And, OSA disseminates information to members about key policy issues and events and relevant grant opportunities. 

OIDA and OSA also support the advocacy conducted through its memberships and partnerships with coalitions such as the International Day of Light, World Science Day, U.S. Science and Engineering Festival, the U.S. National Photonics Initiative, Photonics21, and the International Photonic Advocacy Coalition (IPAC).  And, OIDA provides advocacy support to other national photonics trade associations, local and regional photonics industry clusters, and OSA chapters and sections.