2015 Presentations

Below are presentations from the 2015 Executive Forum held on 23 March in Los Angeles, CA.

Keynote Presentation

Optical Under the Cloud
Jeff Cox, Sr. Director Network Architecture, Microsoft
Video Presentation

Panel 1: Why the Data Center Requirement Needs a Different Approach

Data Center Interconnect (presentation not available)
James Feger, Vice president, Network Strategy and Development, CenturyLink

Data Center Optics: Multimode vs. Singlemode
Mitch Fields, Product Strategy and Architecture, Avago Technologies

Why Data Center Requirements Need a Different Approach
Rao Lingampalli, Optical Network Architect in the CTO Group, Equinix

Optical Interconnects for Data Center Systems
Xuezhe Zheng, Director, Photonics, Oracle Corporation

Panel 2: Global Perspectives on the Future of Optical Communication

Perspective on the Future of Optical Communication
Yiran Ma, Engineer, China Telecom

Multi-layer and Multi-domain SDN Interop
Juan Pedro Fernández-Palacios Giménez, Project Manager, Telefonica

The Future of Optical Communications (presentation not available)
Glenn Wellbrock, Director of Optical Transport Planning, Verizon


Panel 3: Reshaping Standards for Today's Realities

Presentation Not Available.
Najam Ahmad, Director, Network Engineering, Facebook

Optical Transceiver Standards
Joe Berthold, Vice President of Network Architecture, Ciena

Open Standard vs. Company Standard - Pros, Cons and Why!
Cedric Lam, Engineering Director, Google Fiber Platforms, Google

Network Standards: A Service Provider Perspective
Randy Nicklas, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Windstream Communications

Panel 4: The New Drivers for R&D Investment

Current Drivers for R&D Investment
Brandon Collings, Chief Technology Officer, Communications and Consumer Optical Products, JDSU

New Drivers for R&D Investment
Julie Sheridan Eng, Senior Vice President of Transceiver Engineering, Finisar

New Drivers for R&D Investment
Osa Mok, Chief Marketing Officer, InnoLight Technology Corporation

Road to 100 GBPS & Beyond: Enabled by Electronics (presentation not available)
Rajiv Ramaswami, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Infrastructure and Networking Group, Broadcom