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1. Describe the profound impact your technology – as part of an end-user product – has had on Society.  How has the population been impacted by your technology. This could be behavioral, economical, societal, etc.
“Big Data,” a term that encompasses many of today’s tech buzzwords, including the Internet of Things, machine to machine, wireless communication, cloud computing and more, is driving the need for more bandwidth. As technology continues to become a constant presence in our daily lives, this demand will increase and the number of signal compensating electronics components needed will skyrocket, along with costs. TE Connectivity’s Coolbit optical engine introduces the next generation of high speed connectivity to support the need for data transmission and speed, satisfying high-density and high-bandwidth requirements while running at about two-thirds the power of conventional solutions. The Coolbit optical engines are the driving force behind four TE 25G high-speed products and their low energy consumption features not only reduce costs but also result in greener, more energy efficient applications and data centers, contributing to an overall reduction in global energy consumption.
2. Tell us about how your technology is unique?  What makes it stand out? How do you differentiate it from other similar technologies?
Recognizing that demand for bandwidth will grow, TE has been at the forefront of exploring optic alternatives for customers who require these performance advantages and was first-to-market with the Coolbit optical engine. Rather than build an optical engine using off-the-shelf components, TE chose to differentiate Coolbit by focusing the design on the two critical performance requirements of bandwidth density and low power consumption, as identified by customers. Power consumption is critical to high-speed data transmission. For every watt of power saved at the component level, data equipment operators can realize additional infrastructure OPEX savings. TE’s Coolbit optical engine helps minimize these energy costs with the ability to achieve up to 60% more power savings than existing solutions. The resulting lower energy consumption could lead to an ENERGY STAR rating for further product differentiation and increased product sales for server and storage equipment suppliers.
3. When first launched, did your technology make a transformational change for the end-user or was it an advancement of the prior art? Describe this.
TE’s Coolbit engines enable breakthroughs in data density form factors and leads the industry in bidirectional density at 25 Gb speeds. Additionally, TE is leading adoption of a CDFP standard, the industry’s most dense faceplate optical interface at 16 x 25 Gb/s bidirectional data transfer. The development of TE’s Coolbit optical engine offers a significant step toward a cost-competitive alternative with the mechanical and performance advantages demanded by next generation systems designers. By bringing TE’s Coolbit optical engine close to the processor, the signal integrity dilemma is greatly reduced and printed circuit board complexity is lowered, thus substantially reducing the total applied cost of high speed systems.
4. Give a specific example (with company names) of the buying chain for your product/technology once you sell it to the next level buyer. Provide an example of the succession of companies your product goes through, ultimately to get to an end-user.
TEproduces the Coolbit optical engine and sells it two main streams of customers: high-end supercomputer OEMs and the suppliers of switches and routers that connect various computer platforms into one supercomputer; and data center OEMs and/or the installers that hook up the centers themselves.
5. In which vertical market(s) would you classify the end-users of this technology?
6. If other, please write in the specific market.
7. Give us your one sentence “elevator pitch” you would use to tell a non-technical person about your technology and the critical role it plays in Society.
The global nature of technology drives the need for faster speed and increased bandwidth. Coolbit optical engines convert data from electrical signals into optical signals to increase transmission speed all while dramatically reducing power consumption —leading to faster, cooler, greener systems.
8. Surprise Us!  What else should we know about your product/technology?
TE recognizes that providing a truly integrated end-to-end solution requires a coordinated, platform-based approach between all product managers and team leaders. From the optoelectronics team in Sweden to the electrical connector developers in Japan and China, TE leveraged the expertise of multiple teams around the globe to take on parallel developments to bring Coolbit to market. TE’s vertical integration and platform-based approach has resulted in substantial cost savings for end users.
9. Attachments are welcome but not required.  These could be photographs, videos, PowerPoint files, website links, etc. that further demonstrate the value of your technology.  Limit of 3.