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PolarOnyx, Inc., USA


Question 1: Describe the profound impact your technology – as part of an end-user product – has had on Society. How has the population been impacted by your technology. This could be behavioral, economical, societal, etc.
The growing demand of smart phone, microelectronics, automobile, solar energy, LED display, and aerospace requires breakthrough technology to fabricate, trim, and scribe densely integrated electronics with superior performance and lower operation cost over long pulsed lasers.

Femtosecond (fs) laser provides a vital solution to these areas ($10s billion market), due to its less heat affected zone (no damage to surrounding materials or structures) and nanometer feature precision. It has been proved a disruptive technology to remove sub-micron ultra thin layer of electronics or solar cells, to drill tiny via in ultra dense integrated circuits, to trim LED cells, to athermally cut display glasses, to do cataract, refractive surgery (such as LASIK), and nerve surgery and reconstruction for faster patient recovery, to micro-machine energy saving auto-engines, etc.

The future of femtosecond fiber lasers is beyond our imagination and without boundary.

Question 2: Tell us about how your technology is unique? What makes it stand out? How do you differentiate it from other similar technologies?
PolarOnyx's unprecedented industrial grade 50 micro-J femtosecond fiber laser comes with the state-of-art management of all fiber based nonlinearity and dispersion of chirped pulse amplification (>100 kW peak power handling, 100 W average power handling) and compression (100 MW peak power).
Compared with solid state laser (Coherent) and hybrid (solid state plus fiber amplifier, Amplitude), our high energy fs fiber laser product possesses many unique features:

  • 24/7 continuous operation, robust against environmental changes
  • Desktop computer size, 3x smaller v.s. solid state or hybrid lasers
  • (3-10) x Energy saving
  • $100K v.s.>$250K of solid state lasers
  • 10 years life time v.s. 3 years
  • Turn-key operation: an ordinary technician can operate the high energy fs fiber lasers after a few hours of training.

Compared with our fiber laser competitor (IMRA), PolarOnyx has 20% lower in price and operation cost, 50% smaller in size, and 5x increases in pulse energy.

Question 3: When first launched, did your technology make a transformational change for the end-user or incremental changes by improving a current technology?  Describe this.
Since launched in January 2012, our industrial customers quickly adopted it in their existing applications and are exploring new fields as well. They believe the product provides a transformational change in industrial fs laser processing to increase productivity and return on investment. As examples, our product has been used in superior blackening and coloring process; and in processing micron level layers of solar cells with ultra precision.
Moreover, with PolarOnyx’s modular design and standardized procedures, the price can be immediately reduced to < $100K level for low volume manufacturing and further reduced to $30K level for large volume production. Currently, all fiber lasers are made by operators.

Question 4: Give a specific example (with company names) of the buying chain for your product/technology once you sell it to the next level buyer.  Provide an example of the succession of companies your product goes through, ultimately to get to an end-user.  Example:  We produce a component that we sell to a laser systems manufacturer (name the company) who sells it to a medical OEM (name the company), who then sells it to a hospital (name the hospital).
Samsung indicates their strong interest in our fs fiber lasers (compared with solid state or hybrid fs lasers and other fiber laser vendors) for microelectronics and LED display (Galaxy and HDTV) due to its compactness, energy saving (high wall plug efficiency), low cost ($100K), long life time, and low maintenance. Apple is another giant customer we are working with in broad areas, such as marking, coloring, glass cutting, etc. With fs fiber lasers, the fine marking and coloring is independent on materials, which provides a flexible and cost effective way for iPhone and iPad manufacturing. Lutronics, LG, GT Advanced Technologies, and Ascent Solar are using our lasers in LASIK, laser cosmetic surgery, display, and solar energy.

Question 5: In which vertical market(s) would you classify the end-users of this technology?

Question 6: Give us your one sentence “elevator pitch” you would use to tell a non-technical person about your technology and the critical role it plays in Society.
Our industrial grade high energy fs fiber laser is the enabling technology for fabricating next generation flexible electronics such as smart phones, LED displays, medical devices, and solar cells. It provides the sole solution to those industry customers in both technology and cost.

Question 7: Surprise Us!  What else should we know about your product/technology?
Combining state-of-the-art fiber laser technology, continuous innovations, and expertise in optical packages, PolarOnyx has established various platforms in engineering fiber oscillator, fiber amplifiers, electronics, and compressor in small modularized assembly. We have established a culture (4As: Attitude, Attention, Accuracy, and Assurance) that are related to process control, cost reduction, quality assurance, and custom satisfaction. All fiber laser products are manufactured by operators.

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