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BinOptics Corporation, USA

1. Describe the profound impact your technology – as part of an end-user product – has had on Society.  How has the population been impacted by your technology. This could be behavioral, economical, societal, etc.
Whether it is looking up directions on a smart phone, video chatting with family halfway around the world or maintaining the bandwidth required to keep the world’s largest search engine online, today’s world demands an unprecedented amount of connectivity. The possibilities are endless for what will come next, but we can be sure that the future will continue to push the boundaries of computing power and data communications.
BinOptics is a major supplier of lasers used in the Backhaul of Cellular, allowing carriers to upgrade to 4G LTE. The company is also a significant supplier of InP-based lasers used in Data Centers.

Industry experts are betting on silicon photonics to take integrated circuits to the next level. BinOptics’ patented laser structures and manufacturing processes enable low cost, high quality silicon photonics applications that has the potential to provide the world with previously elusive computing and datacom power.
2. Tell us about how your technology is unique?  What makes it stand out? How do you differentiate it from other similar technologies?
“Etched not Cleaved” is the critical difference between the BinOptics' design philosophy and that of our competitors. Etched Facet Technology (EFT), our proprietary technology invented by scientists at Cornell University and developed by BinOptics to meet commercial device requirements, has significant implications for reproducibility, flexibility, low cost, monolithic integration, performance, and reliability.
EFT ensures unprecedented uniformity and yield at a lower cost than comparable technologies, as well as the capability to build structures that cannot be made with conventional techniques.
3. When first launched, did your technology make a transformational change for the end-user or was it an advancement of the prior art? Describe this.
The beauty of Etched Facet Technology is that it made a transformational change for the end-user in the telecom and datacom space when it was developed more than 15 years ago, and it continues to demonstrate high impact today.

EFT enables non-hermetic capable lasers for use in Data Center connectivity. It also enables chip-to-chip and on-chip photonics at a manageable cost and high scale means the devices and connectivity once thought destined to remain only in our imaginations are now very producible and real.
4. Give a specific example (with company names) of the buying chain for your product/technology once you sell it to the next level buyer. Provide an example of the succession of companies your product goes through, ultimately to get to an end-user.
An example is that BinOptics’ 10G CWDM DFB lasers are sold to Innolight. Innolight then uses these lasers with their module expertise to build 40G QSFP+ modules and, in turn, sells these to several major operators of Data Centers in the US.
5. In which vertical market(s) would you classify the end-users of this technology?
6. If other, please write in the specific market.
7. Give us your one sentence “elevator pitch” you would use to tell a non-technical person about your technology and the critical role it plays in Society.
Smart phones, tablets and other technology consumers use on daily basis requires an outrageous amount of data. BinOptics creates lasers that enable innovative new devices and the data networks that support them to operate efficiently, providing the world with the connectivity it desires.
8. Surprise Us!  What else should we know about your product/technology?
At BinOptics we are excited about what the future holds. Today, there are many plans, inventions and innovations in development that are hindered by size, cost or ability to scale. Our technology could mean that future devices and technology, typically only affordable to very few, could be available and attainable to the masses.
9. Attachments are welcome but not required.  These could be photographs, videos, PowerPoint files, website links, etc. that further demonstrate the value of your technology.  Limit of 3.
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