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This online resource provides the optics community, educators, policy makers, and consumers with information to increase awareness of optics a an enabling technology by featuring its lesser known role in products which are well known to the general public.

Company Entries

Agilent Logo

Agilent Technologies2013 Entry

We believe that virtually every computer bit that travels across the internet flows through hardware that was tested with an Agilent Digital Communications Analyzer or DCA.

APE Logo

A·P·E GmbH2014 Entry

If you see a colorful nonlinear microscopy image of a cell in a scientific paper or journal, most likely the colors are coming from a light source built by our small company in Berlin, Germany.

Applied Research & Photonics2013 Entry

You can eliminate wafer rejection to save billions in fab waste. Now you can “see” what’s below your skin without radiation hazard. Detect traces of explosives from meters away.

ASE Logo

ASE Optics, LLC2014 Entry

Our technology is a quicker, easier, and less costly way for a dairy farmer to do his or her part in ensuring the safety of our milk supply.

Attodyne Logo

Attodyne2013 Entry

As consumer devices grow increasingly complex, the precision required for manufacturing continues to increase rapidly. Picosecond lasers allow new manufacturing processes with increasingly complex materials to drive the evolution of cutting edge consumer products such as smart-phones and displays.

BinOptics Logo

BinOPtics Corporation2014 Entry

Smart phones, tablets and other technology consumers use on daily basis requires an outrageous amount of data. BinOptics creates lasers that enable innovative new devices and the data networks that support them to operate efficiently, providing the world with the connectivity it desires.

BiOPtics, Inc.2013 Entry

We have produced Qsep100, which is the most sensitive, accurate and cost-effective Analyzer in the Market that provides High-Resolution, High-Detection Sensitivity results with it’s Disposable Pen-Shaped Cartridge at less than $0.20 / sample run for bio-molecules analysis.

Daylight Solutions logo

Ciena2013 Entry

Scaling networks economically to meet ever-increasing traffic demands and high-bandwidth applications is now a reality. Ciena’s 100G solutions expand capacity without disrupting existing networks, providing simple and cost-effective upgrades from 10G or 40G to 100G.

Daylight Solutions logo

Corning Inc.2013 Entry

Optical fiber is the backbone of the global telecommunications infrastructure, enabling instant transportation of voice, data and video to anyone, anywhere, at any time. The technology has removed barriers of distance, time, and location as it connects the world literally at the speed of light.

Daylight Solutions logo

Daylight Solutions2014 Entry

The Spero microscope provides an entirely new method to quickly screen for the earliest signs of cancer, providing patients and care providers with rapid, reliable answers when they need them most.

Fiberpro Logo

Eyejusters2013 Honorable Mention

We make self-adjustable glasses, where the power of the lens can be changed with the turn of a dial. Over 700 million people worldwide, lack a pair of glasses that they need to see clearly due to a lack of optometrists. A user can put our glasses on and adjust the lenses until they see clearly.

Fiberpro Logo

Fiberpro2014 Entry

Our CFT-810 will help users to find targeting fiber much easier and faster by just tapping a cable.

Daylight Solutions logo

General Photonics2013 Entry

When engineers design scientific, sensing and medical systems using lasers and optic fibers, they often need to precisely control the polarization and delay of the light. General Photonics is the leading company for the control and measurement of polarization and delay of light in optical fibers.

Daylight Solutions logo

Ibsen Photonics2013 Entry

Our spectrometers measure the color content of light with unprecedented accuracy, robustness and stability. Our customers integrate them into instruments that use light to measure parameters like protein content real time in production, improving quality and reducing raw material waste.

Daylight Solutions logo

Infinera2013 Entry

Infinera solutions connect users across the world to a faster and a more resilient Internet improving productivity in their professional, social and personal lives. E.g. Consumers can stream Netflix or YouTube videos and engage on Facebook on networks built using Infinera solutions.

Jasper Display Corp. Logo

Jasper Display Corporation2014 Entry

JDC provides powerful pixel processing, high resolution(4k2k) and a flexible platform for the display and non display market.


LAS-CAD GmbH2014 Entry

The computer program LASCAD offers computational physics approaches to model lasers, and helps in this way laser scientists and laser manufacturers to improve lasers which are among the most important technologies in optics.

Lumentum (formerly JDSU CCOP) 2014 Winner

The illumination source Lumentum (formerly JDSU CCOP) developed has enabled broadly deployed 3D sensing. This product is changing the way people interact with their devices. It gives people freedom to have a choice on how to send information to any media device.

Lumetrics Logo

Lumetrics2014 Entry

For more than a decade, Lumetrics® has provided its OptiGauge system to hundreds of companies, including 6 of the top 11 medical device manufacturers and the top 4 ophthalmics companies in the world, to reduce costs, improve quality meet compliancy requirements, and make products safer.

OEwaves logo

OEwaves2013 Entry

Our laser-based oscillator is the eye of the radar, and its performance allows radar to see farther and clearer.

Daylight Solutions logo

PolarOnyx, Inc.2013 Entry

Our industrial grade high energy fs fiber laser is the enabling technology for fabricating next generation flexible electronics such as smart phones, LED displays, medical devices, and solar cells. It provides the sole solution to those industry customers in both technology and cost.

Reality of Dream

Reality of Dream2014 Entry

Our company builds a virtual world in the real in which people can do everything as they are in the real.

Resident Artist Studio logo

Resident Artist Studio LLC2014 Entry

We combine science and art into a simple product that mitigates the visual challenges that affect some 70% of the world’s population by using the pinhole principle to produce a visually clear image on the eye’s retina independent of most refractive errors present in the eye.


SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH2013 Entry

The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S offers the leading technology for eye laser treatment – superior in all important aspects: Speed, precision, safety and comfort.

TE Connectivity Logo

TE Connectivity2014 Entry

The global nature of technology drives the need for faster speed and increased bandwidth. Coolbit optical engines convert data from electrical signals into optical signals to increase transmission speed all while dramatically reducing power consumption —leading to faster, cooler, greener systems.

Daylight Solutions logo

Telescent Inc.2013 Entry

Eliminate under-utilization, downtime and human error by automating the fiber optic network in data centers!

XRom Logo

Trojan Technologies2013 Winner

Increasingly, municipalities are turning to UV to ensure the safety and quality of their water, and to restore public confidence in their water supplies. The use of UV disinfection prevents the spread of harmful organisms in the water supply, and UV also destroys harmful contaminants.

XRom Logo

X-ROM Inc.2013, 2014 Entry

You have an ocean of information (books, music, photos, movies, games, etc.) in one multi-layer X-ROM disks.


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