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WingMan LLC, USA

Describe the profound impact your technology – as part of an end-user product – has had on Society. How has the population been impacted by your technology. This could be behavioral, economical, societal, etc.
The WingMan DDD (patent pending) is entirely theoretical.  Dr. Manhire and I do not yet have a prototype and our system currently has no impact on society.  The anticipated benefits to society include more effective prosecutions of drivers who are operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, saving lives by preventing and deterring fatal drugged driving collisions and providing law enforcement and first responders with a multi-faceted Raman chemical detector for in situ forensic detection applications.  AAA estimates that an average fatal collision costs $6 million and the NHTSA reported that fatal DUI-D collisions cost our economy more than $60 billion annually.  If our WingMan DDD is unsuccessful, then I plan to continue to advocate for the adoption of the existing oral fluid testing systems, which have proven very successful in Australia, England and Wales.
Tell us about how your technology is unique? What makes it stand out? How do you differentiate it from other similar technologies?
The WingMan DDD (patent pending) is unique from other Raman spectrometers in that it utilizes an inexpensive opaque mask to reduce the need for optical filtration and to prevent extraneous lighting conditions from interfering with the spectral acquisition.  Further, other in situ Raman instruments are utilized for bulk drug and precursor chemical detection, vs. trace level forensic detection.  It is hoped that the next-generation of the existing Raman instruments produced by Smiths Detection, Thermo Fisher Scientific and others will be optimized for trace detection forensic applications.
When first launched, did your technology make a transformational change for the end-user or was it an advancement of the prior art? Describe this.
N/A – The product has not been launched.  The WingMan DDD (patent pending) is entirely theoretical.  The WingMan DDD (patent pending) design is unique from the prior art in its employment of fiber optics and a form fitting opaque shielding mask in a handheld Raman instrument design and application.  Theoretically, this should represent an advancement over the prior art by enabling more applications and reducing the cost of the instrument.
Give a specific example of the buying chain for your product/technology once you sell it to the next level buyer. Provide an example of the succession of companies your product goes through, ultimately to get to an end-user.
N/A – The WingMan DDD (patent pending) is a theoretical product concept and Raman spectrometer design.  It has not been manufactured, tested nor sold.
In which vertical market(s) would you classify the end-users of this technology?
In Situ Forensic Chemical Detection
Give us your one sentence “elevator pitch” you would use to tell a non-technical person about your technology and the critical role it plays in Society.
The WingMan DDD (patent pending) is an “out of the box” novel chemical detector design for a variety of police & first responder applications which we hope will inspire further innovation in handheld Raman instrumentation.
Surprise Us! What else should we know about your product/technology?
Every member of my family has had a criminal drug organization move in proximity to their homes, and my aunt had a dangerous multinational drug cartel DTO move onto her street.  DA Tom Hogan characterized the DTOs as dangerous criminal entities that “don’t think twice about killing civilians,” and all while, “hiding in plain sight.”  Dr. Manhire and I saw a problem in society and decided that Raman spectroscopy and a unique forensic chemical detection instrument could help to resolve it.
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