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Company Entries

Enabled by Optics Centennial

2015 Contest Company Entries

Congratulations to Consumer Physics!

Consumer Physics

Winner of the 2015 OSA Enabled by Optics Contest

Consumer Physics’ mission is to empower everyone with a better understanding of our physical world. Our flagship product, SCiO, is the world's first handheld molecular sensor. SCiO provides nutritional facts about different foods, the well-being of plants, authenticates medications and much more. Read the winning submission by Consumer Physics.

View all of the company submissions whose entries focused on optical technologies that enable applications in public health, telecommunications, biomedicine, consumer electronics, fitness and weight management and more.

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Cosemi Logo

Cosemi Technologies Inc.

Cosemi’s OptoHD AOCs enable an instant, crystal clear connection between sources, eliminate the cost of multiple cables and let you take advantage of the latest advances in technology including 3D, 4K & deep color – all made possible with both copper and fiber in the cable’s hybrid design.

Crystalline Mirror Solutions GmbH

Crystalline Mirror Solutions GmbH

Crystalline Supermirrors are an entirely new concept in optical coatings, providing an order-of-magnitude improvement in time and frequency standards, and will soon revolutionize fundamental measurement science, broadband telecommunications, trace gas analysis, as well as industrial laser design.

Double Helix

Double Helix LLC

We provide unprecedented 3D precision imaging capability for disease discovery and drug development. 3D superresolution imaging will become the scientist’s tool of choice as it allows users to see biology at the molecular level never seen before leading to faster cheaper and better drug development.

Lucida logo

Lucida Research LLC

Our inventions will change the design of rifle-scopes in the same way that the invention of the "compound bow" in 1969 revolutionized the sport of archery and replaced the 400-year-old long bow.

LUXeXceL Group B.V.

LUXeXceL Group B.V.

Luxexcel is digitizing optics manufacturing with a unique Additive Manufacturing Process. Store your Optics Inventory in the Cloud. Give every product a custom tailored lens. Invent new optical parts, functions + end-products. A digital Era has started for optics design and manufacturing!

Nanolive Logo

Nanolive SA

The 3D Cell Explorer is a revolutionary microscope able to image living cells instantly and in 3D without any stain or sample preparation. Scientists will finally be able to see and measure precisely the impact of stimuli and drugs on cells, thus enabling the creation of smarter products.

APE Logo


The InvisiLight Optical Solutions are helping to revolutionize how consumers and businesses gain access to Internet speeds that are 100 times faster than the average fixed high-speed Internet connection.

OSD logo

Optical Systems Design, Inc.

We have new technology for quickly finding lens configurations, without requiring any starting point or patent database, that even works with zoom lenses.

APE Logo

WingMan LLC

The WingMan DDD (patent pending) is an “out of the box” novel chemical detector design for a variety of police & first responder applications which we hope will inspire further innovation in handheld Raman instrumentation.