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Photonics Tracks Global Environmental Change

Patricia Daukantas

Optical scientists are making globe-spanning measurements of ice, water, gases and the biosphere to assess the health of our living planet.

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The Evolution Of Electric Light Bulbs: An X-Ray View
The Evolution Of Electric Light Bulbs: An X-Ray View

Celebrate World Radiography Day! X-rays were discovered on November 8th, 1895. 

X-ray image depicting the evolution of electric light bulbs (left: incandescent light bulb, center: fluorescent light bulb, right: LED light bulb). Light bulbs play a vital role in the daily life of a 'World of Light'. 

Image obtained with a Nikon XTH225 ST X-ray machine.

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Low-Cost, Portable System Takes OCT Beyond Ophthalmology

12 November 2019
Researchers have developed a way to perform optical coherence tomography (OCT) in hard-to-reach areas of the body such as joints. The advance could...

Roel Baets Named 2020 John Tyndall Award Recipient

12 November 2019
The Optical Society (OSA) and the IEEE Photonics Society have named Roel Baets, full professor at Ghent University in Belgium, the 2020 John...

New Particle Analysis Technique Paves Way for Better Air Pollution Monitoring

11 November 2019
A new technique for continuously monitoring both the size and optical properties of individual airborne particles could offer a better way to...

For Science’s Sake, the Government Must Approve FY20 Spending Bills

07 November 2019
The Optical Society (OSA) CEO, Elizabeth A. Rogan, describes how congressional inaction on FY20 spending bills has serious consequences for...

New Technology Poised to Lower Cost and Expand Applications for Transparent LED Screens

04 November 2019
Connecting LEDs with transparent conductive circuits has made it possible to turn glass windows, walls and building exteriors into see-through...

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Virtualization of disaggregated optical networks with open data models in support of network slicing

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 12 Issue 2, pp.A144-A154 (2020)
Network slicing has been a major selling point of 5G networks, where a slice is roughly defined as a self-contained logical network on top of a sha...

Quantum Fisher information with coherence

Optica, Vol. 6 Issue 11, pp.1437-1440 (2019)
In recent proposals for achieving optical super-resolution, variants of the quantum Fisher information (QFI) quantify the attainable precision. We ...

Convolutional demosaicing network for joint chromatic and polarimetric imagery

Optics Letters, Vol. 44 Issue 22, pp.5646-5649 (2019)
Due to the latest progress in image sensor manufacturing technology, the emergence of a sensor equipped with an RGGB Bayer filter and a directional...

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