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TESS: The Little Satellite with a Big Job

Valerie C. Coffey

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is surveying the solar neighborhood for Earth-like exoplanets—and reaping a data harvest with potential impact far beyond the search for life.

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Light Through Living Tissue
Light Through Living Tissue

Propagation of visible light in living tissue. All the wavelengths get absorbed except red light, which propagates through. This basic demonstration is a clear evidence that red or near infrared light can be used for biomedical applications.

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Artificial Intelligence Predicts Treatment Outcome for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

28 January 2020
A new approach that uses artificial intelligence to analyze retinal images could one day help doctors select the best treatment for patients with...

Predictive Touch Response Mechanism Is a Step Toward a Tactile Internet

23 January 2020
A team of researchers led by Elaine Wong at the University of Melbourne, Australia, developed a method for enhancing haptic feedback experiences in...

Leaders to Reveal the Next Generation in Optical Networking and Communications at the 2020 OIDA Executive Forum

22 January 2020
The Optical Society (OSA), co-locating with Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC), will hold the annual OIDA Executive Forum...

Deep Learning Enables Real-Time Imaging Around Corners

16 January 2020
Researchers have harnessed the power of a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning to create a new laser-based system that can image...

New Quantum 2.0 Conference to Showcase Advances in Science and Technology

16 January 2020
The latest advances in quantum information science and technology and their impact on research and commercial development will be the focus of the...

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New ℓ2 − ℓ0 algorithm for single-molecule localization microscopy

Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 11 Issue 2, pp.1153-1174 (2020)
Among the many super-resolution techniques for microscopy, single-molecule localization microscopy methods are widely used. This technique raises t...

Hierarchical and reconfigurable optical/electrical interconnection network for high-performance computing

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 12 Issue 3, pp.50-61 (2020)
Compared with electrical packet switches, optical switching technology could enable a more desirable high-performance computing (HPC) system with l...

Towards high-optical-strength, fluorine-resistant coatings for intracavity KrF laser optics

Applied Optics, Vol. 59 Issue 5, pp.A198-A205 (2020)
Intracavity optics of e-beam-pumped high-energy KrF lasers should survive in a hostile environment of simultaneous irradiation by intensive UV lase...