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The Optical Society (OSA) has expanded virtual meetings, programs and services to ensure our global community is informed and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have embraced our core value of inclusivity in providing high-quality technical content at no cost to our members and customers worldwide.

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OPN Cover for the October 2020 issue

High-Powered Diode Lasers—New, Bright and Blue

Valerie C. Coffey

Blue diode laser designs with kW powers are advancing in industrial processing applications, including cutting, welding and foil joining of copper and other high-reflectance materials.

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Beauty from a Fabrication Error
Beauty from a Fabrication Error

This beautiful pattern appeared randomly on the sample due to fabrication mistake. A thin-film, deposited on a silicon dioxide sample, and it had a rectangular shape. Once I put it inside the PECVD chamber to deposit silicon dioxide on top to protect it, instead, I accidentally ran the PECVD clean process, which uses very high RF power with gases that started to remove the thin film. It created this symmetric pattern on the sample surface.

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Researchers 3D Print Tiny Multicolor Microstructures

16 September 2020
Researchers have developed an automated 3D printing method that can produce multicolor 3D microstructures using different materials. The new method...

Researchers Demonstrate Record Speed with Advanced Spectroscopy Technique

16 September 2020
Researchers have developed an advanced spectrometer that can acquire data with exceptionally high speed. The new spectrometer could be useful for a...

The OSA Foundation Announces Recipient of the 2020 Milton and Rosalind Chang Pivoting Fellowship

16 September 2020
The OSA Foundation (OSAF) is pleased to name Nirmal Punjabi, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India (IIT Bombay) as the 2020 recipient of...

Optics and Photonics Luminaries Honored with the 2020 OSA Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Recognition

15 September 2020
The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 OSA Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Recognition – Arti Agrawal, associate...

Milton Chang Named 2020 Honorary Member of The Optical Society

15 September 2020
The Optical Society (OSA) has named Dr. Milton Chang, Managing Director, Incubic Management, USA, its 2020 Honorary Member. Honorary Membership is...

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Camera-free three-dimensional dual photography

Optics Express, Vol. 28 Issue 20, pp.29377-29389 (2020)
We report camera-free three-dimensional (3D) dual photography. Inspired by the linkage between fringe projection profilometry (FPP) and dual photog...

Two-step solvent post-treatment on PTAA for highly efficient and stable inverted perovskite solar cells

Photonics Research, Vol. 8 Issue 10, pp.A39-A49 (2020)
Modifying the surface of poly[bis(4-phenyl)(2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)amine] (PTAA) with toluene during the high-speed spin-coating process of dimethyl...

Experimental study on the performances of second-harmonic dispersion interferometers at 10.6  µm and 1064  nm for plasma density measurements

Applied Optics, Vol. 59 Issue 27, pp.8486-8493 (2020)
Two common-path interferometers based on CO2 and Nd:Y3Al5O...

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