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Exploring Diversity and Visibility

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Connecting the Optics and Photonics Community – OSA’s Approach to Digital Conferences

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OPN Cover for the July 2021 issue

Losing the Lens

Nick Antipa

Bolstered by machine learning and codesign techniques, mask-based lensless imaging offers a route to ultrathin multispectral cameras, novel microscope designs and more.

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Laser Heating
Laser Heating

During an experimental trial, single-crystal sapphire fractured from excessive stress caused by laser heating. The experiment characterizes the optical distortions imaged through the non-uniformly heated window. Data collected in the experiment will validate optical, thermal, and structural models. The scattered light from a 633nm probe laser shows the outline of the broken window.

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Latest News

Rougher Interfaces May Increase Efficiency of Next-Generation Solar Cells

27 July 2021
At the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, researchers from Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin demonstrate that introducing tiny nanoscale texturing on the...

My First ‘Stint’ at Advocacy: Assumptions Versus Reality

26 July 2021
An OSA student member from the University of Delaware reviews the Capitol Hill Visits, a year-long program during which OSA members can...

Researchers Create Powerful Quantum Source with Meta-lens Array

26 July 2021
At the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, researchers from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will for the first time demonstrate a quantum light...

Experts in Optical Communications, Photodetection and Light Trapping Headline 2021 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress

22 July 2021
At the 2021 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, distinguished speakers will highlight photonic device research and development and their use in...

P. Scott Carney Named Chief Scientific and Technology Officer at The Optical Society

19 July 2021
The Optical Society (OSA) today announced the appointment of P. Scott Carney as Chief Scientific and Technology Officer. In this role, Carney will...

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Recently Published

All-solid-state widely wavelength-tunable and high-efficiency Yb:YSr3(PO4)3 laser

Applied Optics, Vol. 60 Issue 22, pp.6713-6718 (2021)
We demonstrate an all-solid-state widely wavelength-tunable Yb:YSr3(PO4)<>

Laser properties of Nd3+/Yb3+ co-doped glass fiber around 1  µm

JOSA B, Vol. 38 Issue 8, pp.2443-2450 (2021)
The interest in Nd3+/Yb3+ co-doping was initially motivated by the discovery of Nd<>

Time-domain uplink synchronization method for a spectral efficient OFDMA-based PON

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 13 Issue 11, pp.266-275 (2021)
The feasibility of a time-domain technique, proposed for uplink synchronization of the bandwidth scalable orthogonal frequency division multiple ac...

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