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OPN Cover for the April 2021 issue

Shedding Light on the Human Brain

Meeri Kim

The freedom of functional near-infrared spectroscopy opens a window into brain activity outside the confines of an MRI machine.

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Moss Art
Moss Art

Base of a tree with moss after a rain. In the upper right corner of the image, a small puddle in a crevice of the base is visible.

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Latest News

Leaders Explore Emerging Challenges for Integrating Photonics and Electronics in Data Centers

13 April 2021
The virtual OIDA Workshop on Developments in Co-Packaging Technologies for Data Centers explored how technologies can address emerging...

Increasing Optical Fiber Capacity and Channel Data Rates in Submarine Communication Cables

13 April 2021
Presented at the 2021 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC), researchers will present the results generated from a record...

Head-Mounted Microscope Captures Brain Activity in Freely Behaving Mice

12 April 2021
At the 2021 OSA Biophotonics Congress: Optics in Life Sciences, researchers will present their developed head-mounted miniature microscope that can...

Statement by OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan on U.S. President Biden’s FY2022 Budget Proposal

09 April 2021
The Optical Society applauds funding increases for science and technology benefitting the global optics and photonics community in U.S. President...

Tissue-Integrated Microlasers Used to Measure Contraction in Beating Heart of Zebrafish

07 April 2021
At the all-virtual 2021 OSA Biophotonics Congress, researchers will demonstrate that tiny lasers integrated into heart muscle cells or tissue can...

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Recently Published

Spherical concave micro-mirror fabricated using gray-tone optical lithography for vertical coupling

Optics Express, Vol. 29 Issue 9, pp.13288-13301 (2021)
Based on gray-tone optical lithography technology combined with the overlay alignment method, a spherical concave micro-mirror is fabricated at the...

Extended aperture line-scanning Hartmann wavefront sensor

Applied Optics, Vol. 60 Issue 12, pp.3403-3411 (2021)
We first propose a line-scanning Hartmann wavefront sensor (LS-HWS) with extended aperture. In the LS-HWS, a line-scanning imaging sensor was drive...

Native signal self-mix interferometer has less than 1 nm noise equivalent displacement

Optics Letters, Vol. 46 Issue 8, pp.1995-1998 (2021)
We demonstrate that the native configuration of a self-mixing interferometer attains a minimum detectable displacement of 0.72 nm or λ/1870 ...

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