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OPN Cover for the April 2021 issue

Shedding Light on the Human Brain

Meeri Kim

The freedom of functional near-infrared spectroscopy opens a window into brain activity outside the confines of an MRI machine.

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Reconstructed Bunny
Reconstructed Bunny

Binary cyclic S-matrix patterns, which were used to capture an active mode single-pixel image of a low-poly sculpture of the Stanford bunny. The results of this imaging experiment were published in Optics Express.

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Latest News

Statement by OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan on U.S. President Biden’s FY2022 Budget Proposal

09 April 2021
The Optical Society applauds funding increases for science and technology benefitting the global optics and photonics community in U.S. President...

Tissue-Integrated Microlasers Used to Measure Contraction in Beating Heart of Zebrafish

07 April 2021
At the all-virtual 2021 OSA Biophotonics Congress, researchers will demonstrate that tiny lasers integrated into heart muscle cells or tissue can...

Statement by OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan on Discriminatory Acts Against Asian Pacific Islanders

30 March 2021
The Optical Society (OSA) strongly denounces violence and discriminatory acts against Asian Pacific Islander communities.

Researchers Capture First 3D Super-Resolution Images in Living Mice

25 March 2021
Researchers have developed a new microscopy technique that can acquire 3D super-resolution images of subcellular structures from about 100 microns...

The Latest Innovations in Optics and Photonics on Display at 3rd Virtual OIDA Technology Showcase

24 March 2021
Innovators will demonstrate state-of-the-art products advancing the field of optics and photonics during the 3rd Virtual OSA Industry Development...

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Recently Published

Ultralow-threshold thin-film lithium niobate optical parametric oscillator

Optica, Vol. 8 Issue 4, pp.539-544 (2021)
Materials with strong second-order (χ(2)) optical nonlinearity, especially lithium niobate, play a critical role in building opti...

Goos–Hänchen shift enhancement based on an improved differential evolution algorithm

JOSA B, Vol. 38 Issue 5, pp.1462-1469 (2021)
The Goos–Hänchen (GH) shift is one of the important aspects to evaluate the performance of multilayer surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors. Howe...

Enhanced optical nonlinearity of Mxene Ti3C2Tx nanosheets decorated with silver nanoparticles

Optical Materials Express, Vol. 11 Issue 5, pp.1401-1409 (2021)
Two-dimensional Ti3C2Tx nanosheets have drawn much attention due to their unique nonlinear optical properties. To ...

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