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A new series of inspirational stories and timely perspectives from scientists and engineers improving our world.

Connecting the Optics and Photonics Community – OSA’s Approach to Digital Conferences

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Mentoring Future Leaders

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OPN Cover for the May 2021 issue

Will Satellites Cripple Ground-Based Astronomy?

Jeff Hecht

Some worry that the growth of space technology—which originally sprang from humanity’s fascination with the stars—now threatens access to the clear skies vital for research with a new generation of Earth-based telescopes.

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Solar Crescents
Solar Crescents

During a solar eclipse, an image of the sun reflected from a mobile screen displays diffraction, causing multi-colored solar crescents.

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Latest News

Exploring Diversity and Visibility

06 May 2021
#WeAreOSA is a new series of podcasts and blogs featuring inspirational stories and perspectives from scientists and engineers improving the world....

Improvements to Free-Space Optical Networks Enable Wireless Transmission in Urban Settings

06 May 2021
Free-space optical (FSO) communications has the potential for wide use in the license-free, interference-free transmission of data in unenclosed...

Researchers Produce Laser Pulses with Record-Breaking Intensity

06 May 2021
Researchers have demonstrated a record-high laser pulse intensity of over 1023 W/cm2 using the petawatt laser at the Center for Relativistic Laser...

The Optical Society Announces 2021 Ambassadors

30 April 2021
The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to announce the 2021 class of OSA Ambassadors. The Ambassador program equips 10 exceptional early-career...

Latency-Aware Optical Networking for Automated Deployment of 5G Services

28 April 2021
Extremely low transmission latency is one of the key features promised by 5G communication networks. During a session at OFC 2021, researchers will...

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Recently Published

Integrated lithium niobate electro-optic modulators: when performance meets scalability

Optica, Vol. 8 Issue 5, pp.652-667 (2021)
Electro-optic modulators (EOMs) convert signals from the electrical to the optical domain. They are at the heart of optical communication, microwav...

Fundamental limit of single-mode integral-field spectroscopy

JOSA B, Vol. 38 Issue 7, pp.A27-A35 (2021)
There are several high-performance adaptive optics systems that deliver diffraction-limited imaging on ground-based telescopes, which has renewed i...

Characterization of tracers for two-color laser-induced fluorescence thermometry of liquid-phase temperature in ethanol, 2–ethylhexanoic-acid/ethanol mixtures, 1-butanol, and o-xylene

Applied Optics, Vol. 60 Issue 15, pp.C98-C113 (2021)
The fluorescence spectra of dye solutions change their spectral signature with temperature. This effect is frequently used for temperature imaging ...

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