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Message on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The Optical Society (OSA) has expanded virtual meetings, programs and services to ensure our global community is informed and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have embraced our core value of inclusivity in providing high-quality technical content at no cost to our members and customers worldwide.

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OPN Cover for the February 2021 issue

New Eyes on the Sun

Patricia Daukantas

Three solar observatories—two in space, one on Earth—are using advanced optics to study our closest star in greater detail than ever before.

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Wine Glass Caustics
Wine Glass Caustics

The optical phenomenon called caustics is observed in this image under room light illumination, which results in the light interacting with the curved surface of the wine glass to form a colored ring in the center of the glass containing Finnish Glögi. The image was captured in Joensuu, Finland with a smartphone camera with EXIF data and post-processed with a camera filter. EXIF data: ISO:500, S:1/33 s, EV:0, F: 1.8, focal length: 140 mm (equivalent to 35mm focal length film).

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Latest News

Government science outreach through OSA (Virtual) Congressional Visits Days!

14 January 2021
In September 2020, I participated in the OSA Congressional Visits Day program and met with staff from U.S. Congressman Joe Morelle (D-NY) and U.S...

Raman Spectroscopy Shows Promise for Diagnosing Oral Cancer

13 January 2021
In a new study, researchers show that a light-based analytical technique known as Raman spectroscopy could aid in early detection of oral squamous...

Researchers Develop Laser-Based Process to 3D Print Detailed Glass Objects

12 January 2021
Researchers have developed a new laser-based process for 3D printing intricate parts made of glass. With further development, the new method could...

The Path Forward for Science under a New Administration

11 January 2021
As President-elect Joseph Biden fills key positions to address global challenges from COVID-19 to climate change, the scientific community is...

Researchers Acquire 3D Images with LED Room Lighting and a Smartphone

11 January 2021
In The Optical Society (OSA) journal Optics Express, researchers demonstrate that 3D optical imaging can be performed with a cell phone and LEDs...

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Recently Published

Phase sensitive optical rotation measurement using the common-path heterodyne interferometry and a half-wave plate at a specific azimuth angle

OSA Continuum, Vol. 4 Issue 1, pp.239-251 (2021)
We proposed a new method for small optical rotation measurement. The method is based on the use of a half-wave plate and the high-stability common-...

Self-focusing effect on the beam quality of Hermite–Gaussian beams propagating upwards through the inhomogeneous atmosphere

JOSA A, Vol. 38 Issue 2, pp.168-173 (2021)
The self-focusing effect on the beam quality of Hermite–Gaussian beams propagating upwards through the inhomogeneous atmosphere is studied. The ana...

JPEG Pleno holography: scope and technology validation procedures

Applied Optics, Vol. 60 Issue 3, pp.641-651 (2021)
JPEG Pleno is a standardization framework addressing the compression and signaling of plenoptic modalities. While the standardization of solutions ...

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