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3-D Laser Nanoprinting

Vincent Hahn, Frederik Mayer, Michael Thiel and Martin Wegener

Two-photon absorption is enabling additive manufacturing at incredibly fine scales—with emerging techniques promising to enhance speed, precision and flexibility.

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Fresnel diffraction patterns
Fresnel diffraction patterns

The picture shows Fresnel diffraction patterns of a radial spoke mask with 4 degree period. The three patterns are photographed at different distances from the mask. They have a natural explanation in terms of the Talbot re-imaging phenomenon, and might be called “Talbot Rugs.”

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James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz Awarded 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics

08 October 2019
The Nobel Prize in physics was awarded today to three scientists -- James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz -- for their contributions in...

OSA Launches New Climate-Research Center in Collaboration with AGU and the University of Strathclyde

07 October 2019
The Optical Society (OSA) applauds the launch of a new multidisciplinary climate-research center as part of the Global Environmental Measurement...

Optical Imager Poised to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Eye Disease

04 October 2019
Researchers have developed a new non-invasive optical imaging system that promises to improve diagnosis and treatments for dry eye disease. Dry eye...

Elsa M. Garmire Named 2019 Honorary Member of The Optical Society

04 October 2019
The Optical Society (OSA) has named Dr. Elsa M. Garmire, Sydney E. Junkins 1887 Professor Emeritus of Engineering at Dartmouth College, U.S.A., its...

Tunable Optical Chip Paves Way for New Quantum Devices

02 October 2019
Researchers have created a silicon carbide (SiC) photonic integrated chip that can be thermally tuned by applying an electric signal. The approach...

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Continuous-wave Tm:YAlO3 laser at ∼2.3  μm

Optics Letters, Vol. 44 Issue 20, pp.5077-5080 (2019)
The orthorhombic Tm3+:YAlO3 crystal is promising for laser operation at the H43→F43 (1.5 ...

Apodized silicon photonic grating couplers for mode-order conversion: publisher’s note

Photonics Research, Vol. 7 Issue 11, pp.1221-1221 (2019)
This publisher’s note corrects the data in Table 1 in Photon. Res.7, 1036 (2019)2327-912510.1364/PRJ.7.001036.

Introduction to the JOCN special issue on low-margin optical networks: publisher’s note

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 11 Issue 12, pp.598-598 (2019)
This publisher’s note corrects a typographical error in paragraph 5 on p. LMO1 in J. Opt. Commun. Netw.11, LMO1 (2019).JOCNBB1943-062010.136...

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