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The Breakthrough Birth of Low-Loss Fiber Optics

Jeff Hecht

Once Charles Kao had identified the promise of glass for communications, specialists in glass science took on the task of making that promise a reality. A small group at Corning succeeded by taking a contrarian approach.

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A Lantern Array
A Lantern Array

A harmony of lamps created by light from bulbs, gently diffusing through Japanese paper. The lanterns were at the Sandanbeki cave Wakayama, Japan, where the goddess Benzaiten (called Saraswati in India) is deified.

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The Optical Society Names Chao-Yang Lu the 2020 Adolph Lomb Medal Winner

21 February 2020
Chao-Yang Lu, University of Science and Technology of China, China, named the 2020 Adolph Lomb Medal recipient.

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OFC 2020 to Host Live Multivendor Technology Interoperability Demonstrations

20 February 2020
OFC, the world’s largest conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals, will again feature multivendor...

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Menlo Systems announces opening of a new office in Southern California

20 February 2020
Menlo Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of optical frequency comb and laser stabilization technology, announced the opening of a new...

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The Optical Society Names Mitsuo Takeda the 2020 Emmett N. Leith Medal Recipient

19 February 2020
Mitsuo Takeda, Utsunomiya University, Japan, named the 2020 Emmett N. Leith Medal recipient.

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The Optical Society Names G. Michael Morris the 2020 David Richardson Medal Recipient

17 February 2020
Past OSA President, G. Michael Morris, RPC Photonics, Inc. & Apollo Optical Systems, Inc., USA, named winner of the 2020 David Richardson Medal.

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FlyNet 2.0: drosophila heart 3D (2D + time) segmentation in optical coherence microscopy images using a convolutional long short-term memory neural network

Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 11 Issue 3, pp.1568-1579 (2020)
A custom convolutional neural network (CNN) integrated with convolutional long short-term memory (LSTM) achieves accurate 3D (2D +&#x...

Two-dimensional tunable polarization-dependent absorptions for binary and ternary coding

Optical Materials Express, Vol. 10 Issue 3, pp.787-795 (2020)
Polarization coding is of great importance because of its applicability to information processing, storage, and security devices. In this paper, we...

Visible nonlinear photonics via high-order-mode dispersion engineering: publisher’s note

Optica, Vol. 7 Issue 3, pp.198-198 (2020)
This publisher’s note announces a typographical correction in the author listing of Optica7, 135 (2020)OPTIC82334-253610.1364/OPTICA.7.000135.

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