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Exploring Diversity and Visibility

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Connecting the Optics and Photonics Community – OSA’s Approach to Digital Conferences

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OPN Cover for the July 2021 issue

Losing the Lens

Nick Antipa

Bolstered by machine learning and codesign techniques, mask-based lensless imaging offers a route to ultrathin multispectral cameras, novel microscope designs and more.

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Flat Diffractive Lens
Flat Diffractive Lens

Scanning electron micrograph of a flat multilevel diffractive lens that is achromatic across the longwave infrared (LWIR) spectrum and can be used for thermal imaging.

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Latest News

Dual-Window Approach Offers Unprecedented View of Brain Dynamics

22 June 2021
Researchers for the first time report an approach that allows simultaneous imaging of multiple areas of the brain at different depths through glass...

The OSA Foundation, Coherent Inc., Announce the 2021 Recipient of The Bernard J. Couillaud Prize

21 June 2021
The OSA Foundation (OSAF) and Coherent, Inc., are pleased to announce Bowen Li, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Colorado, Boulder...

New Cold Atom Source Lays Groundwork for Portable Quantum Devices

21 June 2021
Researchers have developed a new high-flux and compact cold-atom source with low power consumption that can be a key component of many quantum...

Experts in Space Exploration, Illumination and Interferometry to Headline 2021 Design Congress

18 June 2021
The all-virtual OSA Optical Design and Fabrication Congress, to be held 27 June – 01 July, will feature three plenary talks describing advances in...

OSA Industry Member Profile - Altechna

15 June 2021
OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA) member Altechna provides customized solutions for laser optics to customers worldwide. Its emphasis...

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Recently Published

Temporal and spatial superbunching effects from a pair of modulated distinguishable classical lights

JOSA B, Vol. 38 Issue 7, pp.2148-2154 (2021)
From the Feynman path integration theory of view, the Hanbury Brown–Twiss effect would not be observed for one definite two-photon propagation path...

Broad tunable photonic microwave generation in an optically pumped spin-VCSEL with optical feedback stabilization

Optics Letters, Vol. 46 Issue 13, pp.3147-3150 (2021)
We propose and numerically demonstrate a photonic microwave generation scheme based on the dynamic period-one oscillation of a solitary spin-polari...

Hybrid level anharmonicity and interference-induced photon blockade in a two-qubit cavity QED system with dipole–dipole interaction

Photonics Research, Vol. 9 Issue 7, pp.1264-1271 (2021)
We theoretically study a quantum destructive interference (QDI)-induced photon blockade in a two-qubit driven cavity quantum electrodynamics system...

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