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Tackling COVID-19 with Light

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OPN Cover for the March 2021 issue

Is Nothing Better Than Something?

Jeff Hecht

The idea of guiding light through hollow pipes dates to the 19th century, but solid-core fibers made much better optical waveguides. Now the emerging technology of hollow-core fibers has resurrected an old idea.

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Arago Spot
Arago Spot

In a simple educational demonstration to show the wave nature of light, an Arago spot is visualized with a laser pointer and a chainlet. The photo was taken with a cellphone, and the laser beam was expanded with a diverging lens.

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Latest News

A Century of Pioneering Publishing

02 March 2021
As scientific publishing has evolved, one thing has remained constant: OSA is a pioneer and a long-standing curator of trusted and authoritative...

U.S. Congressional Optics and Photonics Caucus Aims to Raise Awareness of Light-based Technologies

26 February 2021
The newly formed U.S. Congressional Optics and Photonics (O&P) Caucus hosted a virtual public launch event on 24 February 2021 with remarks...

New Sensor Paves Way to Low-cost Sensitive Methane Measurements

22 February 2021
Researchers have developed a new sensor that could allow practical and low-cost detection of low concentrations of methane gas.

OIDA Virtual Workshop on Developments in Co-Packaging Technologies for Data Centers

18 February 2021
An OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA) virtual workshop, to be held 30 - 31 March 2021, will review issues embedded photonics must overcome...

The Optical Society Launches New Conference Paper and Video Interface for OSA Meetings

18 February 2021
The Optical Society (OSA) has developed a new integrated search and browse interface for OSA Meetings to display all of the conference video...

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Recently Published

Modeling photon pair generation by second-order surface nonlinearity in silica nanofibers

JOSA B, Vol. 38 Issue 4, pp.1057-1068 (2021)
In this paper, we present a design of an all-fiber source of correlated photon pairs based on standard telecommunications tapered fibers. We examin...

Performance of M-ary pulse position modulated optical wireless communications systems in the marine atmosphere

Applied Optics, Vol. 60 Issue 8, pp.2166-2170 (2021)
The marine atmosphere exhibits different turbulence spectrum characteristics when compared to the turbulence spectra of the land atmosphere and und...

Refined extreme ultraviolet mask stack model

JOSA A, Vol. 38 Issue 4, pp.498-503 (2021)
A refined model of an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) mask stack consisting of the Mo/Si multilayer coated by a Ru protective layer and a TaBN/TaBO absor...

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