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Rafael Espinosa-Luna Memoir

Rafael Espinosa-Luna

A summer afternoon I was bored, passing the pages of my elder brother´s 6th grade book, when I saw a picture that frozed my mind: a photon being emitted by an atomic, electronic transition. I was a 3rd elementary grade student and then I defined I should have to study Optics, just for the pleasure to understand it. My inspiration always has been my mathernal grandfather, who was an elementary level teacher that only a heart attack took him off from his classroom, at 84.

I conceptualize the optics as another human capability to do journeys to any place and time, without dimensional scale restriction, where always it is possible to observe the fundamental mechanisms of life and understand all around us. The Optics is the transducer that gives the perception of balance, hear, taste, touch, smell, vision and all of them provide with the most wonderful or painful feelings. The Optics help to understand all of us, human and nature, are part of a same origin and should be the natural way to joint us to share a same present and future.