Joseph W. Goodman

Joseph W. Goodman

Joseph W. Goodman received the A.B. Degree in Engineering and Applied Physics from Harvard University in 1958, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1960 and 1963, respectively. 

Goodman finished his doctorate just as the cw laser became commercially available and as a new era of holography and optical information processing was opened by Emmett Leith and his colleagues.  His fields of research included holography, optical information processing, digital image processing, statistical problems in optics, optical switching, and speckle phenomena.  His early work focused on noise and nonlinearities in holography, electronic detection and digital reconstruction of holograms, and the statistical properties of optical speckle patterns.

Goodman joined the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in 1967.  He chaired the department from 1989 to 1996, and then served as senior associate dean of engineering until 2000.  He retired from Stanford in 2001.  He is the author of the Introduction to Fourier Optics (now in its 3rd edition), Statistical OpticsSpeckle Phenomena in Optics, and co-author of Fourier Transforms: An Introduction for Engineers.

Quite active in the optics community’s professional societies, Goodman has served in leadership roles for OSA, SPIE, and IEEE. His participation has extended to international activities as well including serving as a member of the U.S. delegation to the first and second U.S.-Japan Seminars on Optical Data Processing and Holography, and a member of the U.S. delegation to the first U.S.-U.S.S.R. seminar on optical data processing.  He also led the International Commission for Optics in the late 1980s. 

Goodman has received numerous awards from the IEEE, the ASEE, OSA, and SPIE, including the highest awards given by the latter two societies.  Goodman was a co-founder of Optivision, Inc., ONI Systems, and Nanoprecision Products, Inc. and served as a member of the Board of Directors of E-TEK Dynamics and Ondax Inc.

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