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Peter A. Zoller

OSA Awards & Distinctions

Peter A. Zoller studied physics at the University of Innsbruck where he received his doctorate in February 1977. He became a lecturer at their Institute of Theoretical Physics.

Zoller is best known for his pioneering research on quantum computing applications, quantum optics, and solid state physics. His theories on the model of a quantum computer, based on the interaction of lasers with cold ions confined in an electromagnetic trap, have been implemented in experiments and are considered the most promising concepts for the development of a scalable quantum computer.

Zoller has earned numerous awards and honors during his career, including the Wolf Prize in Physics in 2013, the Franklin Institute’s 2010 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics, the Max Planck Medal from DPG in 2005, and from OSA the Max Born and Herbert Walther Awards.

In addition to being a professor at the University Innsbruck, he is the Scientific Director at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Document Created: 4 Feb 2020
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